Mercedes-Benz, BMW also caught, car repair market chaos, the original 4S shop Is the biggest pit!

Up to now, Car ownership in U.S. Is about 240 million amount, and also in a proportion of about 10% per year, while behind the rapid growth, the growth of Automotive industry Is brutal.

general point of view, the 4S shop repair and maintenance has a kind of mold, the owners are also more at ease, and even some Car owners from start to finIsh in a 4S shop Is repairing a Car, although more expensive, but generally do not worry about the quality of the parts. The most important thing Is that most people do not know the Car, do not trust the outside of the repair shop, only to spend money to buy protection.

but there are always a few exceptions!

Large-Benz G “minor injuries were overhauled”, 4S shop trial was sentenced to fraud, to pay three times the cost of repairs! When

California TUNG driving hIs Mercedes road Isolation rubs cut pile, the overall injury Is not too big, but sent 4S shop maintenance, but hIs vehicle was “overhaul” to and fro to replace the front axle and frame assembly spent a total of more than 400,000. The most surprIsing Is that, due to repair, 4S shop Sike the chassIs number during maintenance, resulting in Mr Tung’s Car can not be annual.

Subsequently, the Mercedes-Benz 4S shop TUNG relevant company to court. The court held that the company’s vehicle without replacing the front axle and frame for replacement, and secretly playing engraved chassIs number, constitute fraud, then the judgment of the 4S shop replace the original frame TUNG vehicle, and press maintenance costs three times TUNG compensation for 86 million yuan(CNY)(CNY). Finally in 2020 December 10, Tongzhou court: the company on the date of entry into force of the decIsion within seven days of the loss of 860,000 yuan compensation for Mr. Dong and Mr. Dong to replace the original frame of the vehicle.

It Is noteworthy that the event 4S shop and “Xi’an Mercedes female owner sat hood to protect their rights,” Xian Li Star Automobile Co., Ltd. in question, but also the same boss. Meanwhile, the search for the online event, we can see a similar case very much, and also are Mercedes!

to buy a new BMW turned out to be sprayed paint blemIshes Car, 4S shopSentenced to “section fraud”

2020 March 29, Mr. Liu in Cangzhou, Hebei Cangzhou City-ho of more than 400,000 Car-sales Services Ltd. loan to buy a Taiwan BMW X4. The day after mention Cars, Liu driving a new Car to film, and in the Car Care center film, saying the staff let the wind perplexing Jing, Liu expressed the back of the Car Is a new Car sprayed paint!

Subsequently, Mr. Liu Car commIssioned forensic center identification, and finally to the conclusion that thIs Car really been painting process. Liu then upgraded the BMW 4S shop to court.

Finally, according to the Xinhua DIstrict in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province People’s Court verdict shows that the Department finds that the behavior of the BMW 4S shop “section of fraud”, the judgment of the BMW 4S Jing wind shop return all fees, and the payment of compensation of 17 million yuan(CNY)(CNY).

more and more Car companies, dealers bully, Will eventually destroy itself!

open APP News on the phone, we often see a certain consumer rights difficult, certain companies are not responsible for harm consumers as well as certain 4S shops and other similar News, and most of the exposure or high reputation, high-volume Car brand, often these companies, while maintaining high profits, Is still in use various means to find ways to extract more than interest from customers. But after being exposed, they immediately change the attitude of these enterprIses become polite.

If the thoughts are plunged in on the profits, coupled with the decline in after-sales service attitude of indifference, not only Will consumers sCared, it Is serious to destroy the reputation of the brand .

Finally, industry needs to intensify supervIsion and to determine service standards and norms, and at the same time, practitioners should wait for the perfect self-dIscipline in regulations, a little less routine, a little more sincere. Meanwhile, the Automotive industry Is on the road to gauge the legality of future agency to rely on the owners keep a Car, we need to rely on the efforts of every practitioner. As a consumer, if their legitimate interests are violated, we must come together to protect their own through legal meansEquity method.

4S shop for maintenance chaos, do you have any opinion? Do you also pit too?

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