Men spend 90,000 to buy a BMW, maintenance costs have to more than 10 million, anger found shady looking for media exposure

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Car penetration rate in the country Is now increasing, many people already have a “first Car.” The Car with a long time, demand for replacement vehicles are more and more used Car market Is so flourIsh. However, during the sale of a used Car, if not Carefully to good quality, it Is easy to jump into the trap of business. Recently, a Big Brother week happily buy a BMW used Car, but open for some time, had a bunch of questions. In the end how it all about?

Event Overview:

Big Brother week in a second-hand Car dealers to buy a Car BMW, spent 90,000 pieces. However, he soon found that thIs bike Is a problem everywhere, sCared did not dare open. For example, Will be driving on the Car Will suddenly stop, jump from the N-range P position and the number of miles the Car seems to have been modified. Now he was to repair thIs Car used Car has spent more than a dozen ten thousand, and more than paying the money to buy a Car. He found the business, you want the Car back, but businesses do not agree, only Willing to compensate a two thousand. Spent more than twenty tens of thousands, but can only receive compensation of thousands of pieces, Zhou brother grew more and more angry, find a Reporter to help negotiate. Reason

The description circumferential brother, small Car back to the Big Brother week detail summarized as follows:

1. the Car in question random hop profile. Among the moving process often Will Automatically switch back and forth between the P position and the N position, traffic safety Is a serious threat, which Is a very obvious quality defects. After

2 weeks brother to the other BMW 4 S shop for quality testing, staff told him the Car’s odometer allowed, ten tens of thousands of kilometers of mileage does not appear in the table. In other words, Mr. Zhou Is likely to buy a Car tune table, there may be businesses of consumer fraud.

Reporter with Big Brother week to find businesses, small businesses according to explain its refusal to back the Car are summarized as follows:

1. points of Car problems to be dIscussed, it was as a result of factors, there are also non-human factors. About skip shift problem obviously Is caused by human factors. Because the Car generally takes three months for maintenance once or traveling five thousand kilometers maintenance time. But also the need for timely replacement of gearbox and engine oils. But Chow did not do that maintenance, so thIs Is a personal reason, businesses are not responsible.

2. About Mileage whether adjusted, businesses vague, saying only that communicate with Big Brother week after he bought Car when he told him. Reporters asked how the business Is with Big Brother Zhou said, saying only that the business anyway, he said, it’ll be OK. ThIs Is not a problem they can solve. After the Reporters continued to question the business evasive, reluctant to speak out.

the two sides argued for their own, so the Reporter for help professional 4S shop staff, small 4S shop staff Will reply in detail are summarized as follows:

1 Car Automatically skip files that belong to an electrical failure, and the owners do not Care and do not Care so much.

2. The odometer Is likely to be adjusted, but it could also be allowed to own odometer. But in short, the actual odometer mileage and a difference of hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

According to state regulations, if the product does not meet quality requirements, consumers can require businesses to replace or returns. Under the consultation Reporters, businesses agreed to the original price recovery Big Brother week of second-hand BMW Car, things are finally resolved.

here small would also like to remind you:

1 purchase.Buy a used Car must be Carefully checked to ensure that pay again when no quality problems. If they do not understand Car, you can also commIssioned a professional organization called on detection or a knowledgeable friend to see together. Businesses have to do business integrity, to truthfully tell the buyer of the vehicle. Both sides say so in advance, than afterwards buck-passing, a waste of time but also a waste of energy.

2. Now a lot of businesses Will be an excuse to refuse to be responsible for man-made damage quality problems, for thIs rogue merchants must dare to complaints and reports, allowing authorities to manage and its remediation.