Men buy “PolarIs” car only six days, we found peeling paint, 4S shop: it Is thIs factory

REVIEW: Men buy “PolarIs” Car only six days, we found peeling paint, 4S shop: the factory Is so

random people’s standard of living day by day to improve , close friend buy a Car more and more. Who are able to travel on behalf of the New Year’s Day you can go out to play together with hIs family. As for what price to buy the Car, also vary, just pay a little simple few million down payment, but also mentioned a new Car. Originally a Car Is a happy thing, but if you just bought a new Car found traces of repair, which also pleased up?

Recently, Mr. Hung bought a new Car, a black Cars “Volkswagen Bora”, spent 86,700 yuan. Timothy Car before opening the Car for six days, intends to install a “navigator.” It was found in the trunk of the Car, the location Is close to the left tail light, there Is a very obvious Is “cutting” at the scene. Mr. Hong suspect that thIs Is done in sheet metal traces.

The trim look Carefully opened, there Is an area about the size of a thumb, the paint has come off, surrounded scratches. Mr. Hong drove to the 4S shop, you want to have a say. But the 4S shop to explain it Is that the manufacturers out of time Is like that. Under Mr. Hung Is recommended to contact the manufacturer, then, Mr. Hung again reflected to the manufacturer, but time has passed several days has been no response.

Mr. Hung with a Reporter friend came to the 4S shop together. A Ruanjing Li Is explained, for thIs Is “cutting” through the area, there are many possibilities. Perhaps the production process, the logIstics and transport process, pre and post sales are possibilities. Reporters asked not check the Car before selling it? Ruanjing Li muttered reply, check Is there, but the trim inside thIs point, it Is impossible to have everything open to inspection, so too unrealIstic.

Later, 4S shop technicians seen Mr. Hong Car Car, also open to the headlights checked. It concluded that thIs place was not done in sheet metal and paint. HaveMay be placed in tool time, face paint rubbed off tool. Which specific aspects caused, no one can judge it. It Is also possible that the Car sold, Mr. Hung I broke.

Ruanjing Li Ang interpretation, which Is entirely in passing, irresponsible consumers Is obvious. Because not find the specific reasons, Mr. Hong’s Car parked in the 4S shop has been more than a week. He did not deal with, he Is no longer pulled away, afraid the Car there Is a security rIsk. It was not deliberately make life difficult for 4S shop.

Finally, the Car does not reach the back Ruanjing Li represents a standard Car. As compensation for Mr. Hong agreed to install a Car navigation device, then make a check on the vehicle, then put off paint repair part, and do quality assurance. Coordinated, Mr. Hong finally agreed.

Xiao Bian Car Is not very good, but I feel thIs position should have artificially caused. The Car stopped in the 4S shop no one has been treated to a media Reporter, 4S shop to come up with a compensation package. Presumably afraid of negative impact on the 4S shop right before the performance so fit and active. What do you think about thIs matter we do?