Men buy new energy vehicles not run halfway, maintenance two months to no avail, 4S shop: ThIs Is a new car to market

REVIEW: Men buy new energy vehicles not run halfway, maintenance two months to no avail, 4S shop: ThIs Is a new Car on the market!

Now society to promote energy conservation, in order to contribute to the environment, more and more people choose to buy new energy vehicles, both light and affordable, especially for the elderly and some of words, the use of new energy vehicles are lightweight, easy to pick-up a child at the same time, neither suffered wind and sun, but also heart casual everywhere, Why not do it?

However, the benefits go benefits, the most important human security, which requires the quality of the Car to cross the border, after all, human life only once, not take a joke. Lee six months ago bought a new energy vehicles, just for its convenience, but thIs Car Is half way and Naoqi own temper. According to Mr. Lee recently after hIs Car halfway in terms of the Car suddenly do not run, do not hang up the block, he sent the Car repair shop, although he has been urging Is not repaired.

Lee and other twenty days, said the store technology gaps, not master the technical essentials, then saying fewer parts and components, manufacturers have been no shipments , stores said they have no alternative. Now the Car has been repaired two months still to no avail, Mr. Lee some anxious, after all, to their own lives and work have brought trouble, and wanted to find the store to dIscuss a statement, in the end when they could fix it.

Lee invited Reporters to help, a store staff interviewed by Reporters, the staff said that thIs new Car Is lIsted, who to ensure that life Is not a problem with the Car it? For the repair Issue Mr. Lee also expressed frustration that they had not factory shipments if they can not do anything, and finally after some consultation between the two sides, the store can to ensure Mr. Li mention Cars, during which Lee Is Willing to provide a scooter, or $ 80 a day compensation.

Mr. Lee also said accepted, for Mr. Lee, the shop although Finally attitude, but time dragged relatively long time, my heart Will inevitably produce dIstrust. Store when a customer problem does not solve the problem, thIs Will only increase customer resentment, to the detrimentLoss of traffic, after all, quality problems for owners, Is the most important.

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