Men 4S shop to repair the car, but the staff inadvertently become “flooded cars” how to do?

REVIEW: Car 4S shop maintenance become “flooded Cars”, as the owner of the how to do? 4S shop maintenance costs 600 yuan gift cost you?

When talking about Car maintenance topic, the ordinary man, if after the Car failed to 4S shop Will be repaired, in the majority opinion 4S shop good service, well-equipped, only more secure. But really when the 4S shop to repair the Car after, whether the owners Will be assured of it? Recently, Hunan, one owner Car to the 4S shop for maintenance, only because of staff negligence, the Car actually become a “flooded Cars”, then specifically what happens then? Let’s continue reading!

According to the owner described, after hIs Car failed, they sent a 4S local shop for repairs, who knows because the store employees made a Ray errors, the Car repair place open but forgot to close the window, over the next after a heavy rain, causing the vehicle to become a “flooded Cars.” After starting the accident, the owner Is also the first time came to the scene, he found by looking at their Car steering wheel, instrument panel, seats and even entire main driving mat with a layer of rain fall. 4S shop for such a ridiculous operation, as the owners how to do it?

When the owners found the Car to be infiltrated rain was very annoyed, they put all the blame on the 4S shop, 4S shop requires rain wetted parts for the Car in addition to water and soaked in water to make replacement parts. For the request of the owner, 4S shop Service Director Will make a response, the Service Director believes that the accident can indeed improper operation of the store and apologized. In the 4S shop Service Director believes that the same kind of did not close the windows lead to the Car being soaked in the rain, soaked not belong to the vehicle category, as long as the Ottomans, and other dry parts of the vehicle and no major problems.

After lIstening to the explanation 4S shop service director, the owners did not agree with thIs statement, in the cockpit of the vehicle owners think the water Will cause the mat mildew, damage to the dashboard of the line, and the rust problem vehicle iron products. On whether the vehicle Will result in the Issue of the safety performance of vehicles, 4S shop owners and the emergence of different points of view, so thatThe problem can not be resolved. For thIs event the dIspute, as the party which refused to give way, which led to the event which was in an awkward atmosphere.

Finally, in the case of the two sides deadlocked, 4S shop before making a compensation scheme, 4S shop that Is Willing to man’s Car warranty for two years If thIs occurs in the two years because of the Car accident caused the water to rust, mildew problem, are Willing to free treatment and replacement parts. In the case of the owner remains hesitant, 4S shop again give the value of 600 yuan maintenance project for the men, that Is to say at a later stage when the Car shop to do maintenance, may be exempt from direct maintenance costs 600 yuan.

When the 4S shop after more than come up with sincerity, the owner Will naturally accepted such compensation. So for the Car in the 4S shop staff due to negligence, resulting in the owners Car repair become “flooded Cars”, and presented 600 yuan 4S shop maintenance fee Is concerned, we think that cost-effective it? Welcome to express their views!