Media survey shady 4S shop, car maintenance, had so many pit!

Front flicker you buy conservation projects, may simply not done! How can I make 4S pit father?

Qiao Zhifeng

4S shop shady Survey: Front flicker you buy conservation projects, may simply not do. “TransmIssion cleaners did not, take empty bottles meaning of meaning; clean up coke machine Is bad ……” shoot-off unannounced vIsits found that some 4S shop staff to develop marketing tasks, Fancy Bluff owners excessive maintenance, non-compliance on the buckle money; some workers did not do conservation projects, and some were secretly trapped oil products customers buy. Employees bluntly: 4S shop selling a few Cars do not make money, basically rely on after-sales support. (November 25 wind Video)

Car maintenance Is difficult, expensive maintenance, I believe that many owners are fully understood. What’s more, there are numerous routines, traps and even fraudulent waiting for you. I heard thIs sentence: When buying a Car for all ruddy, repair and maintenance of all time, hIs face ashen. Although there Is a little bit exaggerated, but it also reflects the exIstence of many areas of Auto repair and maintenance of chaos to some extent.

cause chaos, asymmetry Is derived from the first information. Automotive repair and maintenance requires specialized knowledge, most consumers know little about all thIs, how can only say that the 4S shop on how to lIsten, unable to dIstinguIsh what Is necessary to repair project, which Is purely a “pit father” of. Car repair deep water, not to mention ordinary Car owners, Is the old driver Will not necessarily be able to fully understand. And to understand what Is the use? Not a lot of problems exIst in some places, but the formation of industry unspoken rules to some extent. In the profit-driven, “minor ailments overhaul” and “replacement repair” and even out the case altogether deception Is very common, many 4S shops are so dry. You have the right to choose which are slaughtered 4S shop, but no way to not get ripped off.

Second, the lack of regulation Is also a major reason. After harmed the interests of consumers, evidence Is difficult to identify hard rights stumbling block on the road. I myself have encountered a problem with the tires, only to find something original manufacturer for identification. Identify themselves own, how can we ensure fair and equitable?

At the same time, some of the exIsting laws and regulations also need to be further improved. According to the domestic first Car “zero-stoichiometric” factor research shows that many domestic Car parts ridiculously expensive, a Mercedes-Benz Car parts total price of the vehicle was actually 12 times more. In other words, you change vehicle parts again, the money spent to buy the same Car 12, maintenance of profits Is evident. “Zero whole than the” extremely high coefficient, which reflects the fact that under the “Auto brand sales management approach” an institution authorized “service monopoly”, which Is the monopoly system by the Car manufacturers, with the composition of vendors. ThIs system Is not broken, consumers Will only continue to get slaughtered.

I hope that with the deepening of the relevant antitrust investigation department, after the presence of the Auto parts industry to monopolize the market supply channels, maintenance and wild speculations random fraud problem can be an early improvement and change. To get 4S does not “pit father” or two from the legal and regulatory aspects.