Man sent to the car repair shop 4S, put the car, the car was gone, thIs Is how it happened

man sent hIs Car repair shop 4S, put the Car, the Car was gone, thIs Is how it happened?

In fact, the place Is still a lot of repair, when we go on the road often encounter repair shop. But if the Car relatively spared, or the Car itself, the price Is relatively high, then you go to a regular 4s shop to repair. Because they Will craft a little more high maintenance, then we Will be more professional, of course, the most important Is because there are cameras out if any questions are relatively easy to solve. But the Big Brother experience tells us, 4s shop Is not the letter, which in the end Is how it happened?

It turns out that Big Brother in thIs 4s shop took 15 million to buy a Car, but after some time, the Car had a little fault, so he sent directly to the 4s shop to repair, and agreed to take up time. When he reckoned after the Car should be repaired, go to 4s shops to mention the Car when they found hIs Car was gone. ThIs in the end what happened? Why hIs Car on the store did not have it?

he was asked about the staff, it was said by others that the Car drove off, but took the key driving away. I do not know how it happened, that he was the owner, so there Is no stopping. While thIs answer answers some doubts, but do not let the big brother satIsfied, so he chose the police. But also because he had no evidence, so the police did not initiate an investigation.

but there Is no way to die, the Car was driven away others, still have to get it back. He thought their relationship around, but then I might be a credit to the company drove off. Because he Is in net loan when buying a Car, which Is on a platform of credit to borrow money to buy a Car, monthly repayments Will expire. ThIs month he was busy, now it seems to have mIssed the repayment period. That platform may think that they go back on non-payment, so to put the Car drove away.

On the one hand contact company now, on the one hand any connection with the 4s shop negotiations to finalize the reason of things, and that Is that the company does not repay overdue because the big brother, so put the CarHe drove off the mortgage. In the Car not to come back, 4s shop but here he hurried, put the money to pay the maintenance, a total of 9000 yuan. ThIs allows very annoyed Big Brother, you lost my Car did not say, now let me pay back the money, thIs Is simply not a door? ThIs way, then, Is not any one person can easily store and drove off in the Car do?

because the 4s shop does not relent, so no way, Big Brother chose exposure thIs matter by understanding Reporters, saying that the Car can come back, as long as Big brother thIs month loans still on the line, but the 4s shop has not been resolved. 4s repair shop wants to pay the money immediately Big Brother, Big Brother but I felt he did not need to pay, so the 4S shop said, then do not blame him, threatened to sue the big brother. In thIs regard, how do you see it?