Man car air conditioning to sleep one night and killed, in the end how terrible thIs silent and odorless carbon monoxide?

I ask, you still hot today?

the land of U.S. recently thIs time

weather it Is too hot!

a whole person out messy

crazy hot, sweaty!

In thIs weather, do not forget do not forget there the day’s exposure in the hot sun, then open the door on the train the moment, with a wood-like torture Have? Car air conditioning can come in handy very good, can not wait on the bus air conditioning cooling? Also enjoy the cool open air for a long time and others? But I wonder if you enjoy a prime in-Car air-conditioning process has also brought a fatal injury:

on December 17, Hefei, a man convicted of going out to socialize the delay did not return, hIs family went out looking, but found it They died in their own private Car. Door closed, open Car air conditioning, the Car did not stall. Police said the man suspected Carbon monoxide windows and doors closed due to a result of poIsoning.

Why Why the Car air conditioning Will be poIsoned?

In fact, an enclosed vehicle air conditioning Will produce large amounts of Carbon monoxide, the concentration of more than 20 minutes Will be seriously overweight, in the Car for too long Will have a clear sense of suffocation. The man Is because doors and windows closed when the air conditioning can not be ventilated, leading to Carbon monoxide poIsoning.

now appears more and more about Carbon monoxide poIsoning at social, and itself has a colorless and odorless Carbon monoxide have paralysIs, people simply do not feel its presence, even felt dizzy headache case, due to limb weakness can not escape the environment, leading to poIsoning. ThIs “dIsappeared murder” of gas in the end how terrible it? What are the symptoms of poIsoning when there Will be? Once poIsoning first aid, how should it? Perhaps, today, thIs comic Will be able to help you