Maintenance to the 4S shop or outside repair shop? Where are tricky in the end?

After buying a Car, in addition to the monthly Car loan may be the most important thing Is the regular Car maintenance, Car maintenance mentioned, nothing less than the 4S shop maintenance two kinds of maintenance and repair shops out, in both options, different people have different views, so thIs installment, we’ll chat with thIs topic!

previously, a lot of 4S shop there such an argument, that Is, if the Car Is not in the 4S shop maintenance, which Is commonly known as “off-insurance”, it Will not enjoy the 5 year factory warranty, thIs provIsion has made many owners guilty mind whIspered, you know, the original warranty period, large and small Issues vehicle manufacturers are all your tube, which if off Paul, In case a little something, what to do?

the second point Is that, in general, 4S store Will have a detailed lIst of the maintenance costs for customers to view, lIst, and major maintenance projects costs, a convenient vehicle owners to seek information, and secondly to allow owners to know the price before maintenance, repairs Will be Carried out after the owner’s consent, to avoid some unpleasant problems.

When it comes to price maintenance, 4S shops and repair shops out there are still some differences, most intuitive Is the 4S shop working hours, fees are relatively expensive, for thIs point of view, outside the repair shop indeed save a sum of money, but the 4S shop used when maintenance Will be factory certified parts, such Genuine parts more secure, but outside of some bad business may be shoddy, deputy plant parts saleGive you the price of original pieces.

In addition, if your Car Is not a new Car or a fleet of Cars, the outside repair shop may not yet repaired your Car, so it takes time to research, which there are poor maintenance of the effect of the situation, and 4S shop technicians Is done professionally trained for thIs Car, relatively more skilled, experienced and more abundant.

Another point Is the maintenance time and may now people do not have much free time, if you go to maintenance but also long lines, then it Is really a headache, but now a lot of 4S stores are With the booking service, and some 4S shops even provide on-site maintenance services simple, very intimate. But now many large chain out repair works also have thIs service, which was to behold the store’s service better and more intimate, and well done naturally have more owners choose.

One last point, 4S shop Is usually regular launch maintenance packages, and a Car knows, to the 4S shop Will provide meals during maintenance, providing tea, Will provide seating area, TV, sofa, wireless Internet access and so on, although slightly more money, at least let you I feel very comfortable.

Whether 4S shop maintenance, or repair shop outside maintenance, the most important thing Is to fly, As long fly, where maintenance can go, if you can save some money, then it Is most appropriate.