Maintenance Replacing down the “consumables”, must remember to take away, or a cheap repair shop

Since throughout the year to buy a Car, in addition to fuel costs than to spend, but also for the Car to do maintenance, but maintenance costs are also relatively high, whether it Is an ordinary Car or means of transport hundreds of thousands of ho Cars, require regular maintenance for the Car to do, in the maintenance process Is bound to replace some of the wear and tear items, these “consumables” we must remember that part away, otherwIse it Is white to let the repair shop to earn money a.

First, the first a loss product that Is on-board air conditioning related parts, in fact, air conditioning in the winter travel time use Is more, doing maintenance time Is usually the air conditioning compressor Will replace the lost, thIs accessory Is very important, and if resold someone else’s words also serves decent a few hundred dollars, so that after the replacement of parts down must remember to take away.

The second product Is a loss of catalytic converters, catalytic converters are also directly affect the exhaust emIssions, Automobile can allow for better inspection Some owners Will choose to replace catalytic converters, and the replaced catalytic converters, we also must take, because it itself Is metal products, sell scrap metal can even sell one hundred eighty dollars.

The third product Is a battery loss. Battery Is a very important parts, and the replacement down the old battery, get the secondary market to sell it Is able to sell three or four hundred dollars, so that the battery part of thIs child Is very valuable, everyone in the replaced after be sure to remember to take away.

In summary, after more than three items you must remember to replace down to take away these children really are quite valuable items, so we for the Car to do maintenance, remember these consumables away.