Maintenance or repair of air conditioning

If you feel that your air conditioning system is no longer cooling your car efficiently, it’s time to get air conditioning service.

When the air conditioner stops working, most of the time it is because the refrigerant needs to be filled, rather than a real repair. Recharging your refrigerant is much cheaper than a repair, and is commonly known as replacement, recharge or recharge.

All air conditioners lose refrigerant, which means that the cooling capacity decreases over time. On average, the air conditioning system loses about 10% in refrigerant per year, so ideally there should not be more than two years between maintaining your air conditioning system.

Coolant inspections are not always included in standard or complete automotive service, so you may want to ensure that coolant inspections have been verified or scheduled in a separate air conditioning service.

Recharge or refill your air conditioner

When you request a technical service in the air conditioning of your car, the garage will recharge or refill the coolant.

The garage will completely remove all traces of the old system coolant and pipes, and refill the system with new coolant. The whole process takes about 45 minutes, so it can be done while visiting the stores or even while waiting.

Changing and topping up is done with special tools that use high and low pressure connections to ensure that the entire system is cleaned before adding new refrigerant. Due to the toxicity of the refrigerant, it is strongly recommended to use a quality workshop to ensure that the refrigerant is disposed of properly.

The price of the refrigerant is priced per gram and the price can be very expensive due to environmental taxes. Therefore, when looking for an air conditioner, be sure to check to see if it includes refrigerant or if you have to pay extra.

As part of the air conditioning service, the mechanic also replenishes the lubricant around the compressor. Due to temperature changes in the air conditioning system, it is important that the parts are well lubricated so that they do not dry out or deteriorate between maintenance.

It is also normal for the air filter to be changed occasionally and the dryer checked, which removes moisture and dirt from the circulating refrigerant.