Maintenance of vehicles, should be to the 4S shop or go to the repair shop, where professional advice Oh!

With increasing Car ownership, the Car has become everyone’s daily travel essential goods. With the growing concern of vehicle maintenance, it Is also changing the vehicle repair shop and 4S shop maintenance options. For most people, ordinary repair shop and 4s shops are actually similar, but some people think Is the best choice Car 4s shop maintenance, which leads to the view of these two different ways. In fact, the factors are varied. General repair shop of cheap prices to attract the most customers, but professional 4s shop Is also very strong.

Is not a choice to select the repair shop or repair and maintenance of the 4S shop to let a lot of people. 4S shop Automotive repair and maintenance Is too expensive, thIs Is a problem a lot of people are most concerned about. 4s high prices Is actually justified. Its position in the Automotive repair industry’s first monopoly. There Is, he in repair and maintenance parts are the original manufacturers of the goods, which Is a great temptation for Car owners. Original product Is certainly more attractive than the general repair shop of Vice plant products, but also one of the original reasons for high prices. General repair shop at low prices to attract a large number of customers, but the general deputy plant products Is not as we would like, there Will be quality problems and so on, as long as they are quality inspection of products, the gap between them Is not very Big. So there Is no need too tangled on the Issue. The best choice for myself, more convenient enough for themselves. Of course, if entangled in price, then the direct selection of lower-priced party.

professional 4s can be replaced by a general repair shop? For thIs problem, some countries have Issued a policy. As long as the regular repair shop repairs and maintenance, the warranty period Is still in the Car to enjoy the warranty. Relations 4S shops and repair shop often runs hospitals and clinics the same reason. Governance Is the same condition, in fact, as long as sufficient experience, it Is easy to control the dIsease. In the choice of repair shop, in fact, very different. If you have Car lovers, friend, etc., then you do not need to consider thIs Issue. Regular communication, in thIs Car lovers can share information, some of it not only saves cost, but also more conducive to routine maintenance of the Car. Finally, for the repair shop, customers are most likely factor to consider Is that it Is irregular, resulting in the value of trust between themVery low.

For customers, they Will worry about shoddy repair shop, so not only does not guarantee the vehicle, and to some extent may damage the use of the Car. ThIs relationship between the customer and the repair shop for both sides are very insecure. But now there are more general repair shop recognize the importance of customer service experience, while improving the reliability of a certain extent, to provide more attentive service. In fact, for the owner, the maintenance of the vehicle and the extent of use of the product concerned.

Of course, if you’re really worried repair shop technology, then you choose 4s shop, but you do the high maintenance costs of mental preparation. For people can share little information, you can easily find a repair shop to find information or frequently vIsit the repair shop as much as possible. After the familiar as a regular repair shop, repair shop owner Will naturally take Care of your friends.