Maintenance in the end should go 4S shop, or a familiar repair shop?

As the saying goes Cars need “three separate, seven support”, and now the Car has become almost standard in every home, so hard working day a tool, in order to longer serve us, of course, to take good Care of it. But when it comes to maintenance, many owners Will begin to tangle in the end it where to Car maintenance, 4S shop or repair shops do? Then a serious look at the analysIs of small series, going maintenance Car, depends on the choice of everybody!

In fact, they Will not speak 4S shops and repair shops which Is good, if the Car Is still in the warranty period, Xiao Bian recommend the owner to the 4S shop maintenance. Because in the meantime if the Car has quality problems, manufacturers can help you free repair. If you go to other places maintenance Is a problem, 4S shop on the matter. But out of the warranty period, you can consider yourself a good fit going maintenance of the.

4S shop can integrate sales, parts, service, information feedback four in one Car service, go here and maintenance certainly no doubt be more professional and reliable, 4S shop of Auto parts have to worry about quality, you can also put you the Car detailed information recorded. But so many people dIscouraged One reason Is that expensive, costly manual service charges, excessive maintenance charges, fees and various minor ailments overhaul invIsible consumption pit waiting for the owner.

that Auto repair shop how about it? And 4S shop opposite, 4S shop price would surely be cheaper, but not necessarily the quality of spare parts have protection. Problem repair shops headache Is no way to get original parts, but do not Care too much about “original pieces” Just go to some formal quick repair shop, with only the deputy plant partsTo quality standards, Is not the problem.

If the owners really can not choose where to go in the end maintenance, you can also through various channels and forums to some of the old owners and experienced advice experience, to tell them your concerns and let them give you some good place for Car maintenance.