Maintenance horizon: the cause of electric vehicles appear coaster analysIs and repair methods

One problem: the electric Car coaster phenomenon occurs, what Is the reason? How to repair?

We all know that electric Cars have become a indIspensable travel tool, ride comfort, low cost, has become the people’s favorite vehicles, not for the traffic jam dilemma, does not pollute the air, do not have to find parking spaces to worry about …… so essential travel or electric Car, give you a different speed and passion!

When the electric Car out of control, that Is, “Speed”, particularly dangerous. Electric vehicles usually to regular maintenance, inspection lines and the main components, once problems are detected, timely maintenance! Wait until the danger, also later regret! The following method of repairing an electric Car talk “speed” and notes:

Electric Vehicle “Speed” Is a motor to turn power on, the speed thereof Is not controlled, and high speed!

The “Speed” do not panic, first brake, a mechanical brake to slow down to a stop, do not loose a hand brake lever, the electric door locks shut the other hand, or unplug the power cord and remove the battery, and finally the electric vehicle support from the rear wheel off the ground solution. Cause

The “Speed” fault are:

One reason: the water circuit Is electrically connected. Multi-speed controller for the line connectors in contact, after the water Is easy to make the signal line and the transfer switch Is connected to the positive electrode, and some anti-Speed ​​protection controller without rIsk prone! Cause coaster!

Processing method: the best one by removing the connector insulating tape fastening practical, even with two lines do not reduce the rIsk of runaway!

for two reasons: the governor line and the negative line circuit controller switch. The dIsconnect switch, if normal, normal control, and the speed Is the speed line failure! Some aging lines or bumps can cause the connector contacts Is not strong, negative if the line Is broken controller Will be “Speed” phenomenon!

Processing method: the line to replace the governor, the governor from the controller to the red, blue and black lines to replace the lost! Best to remove the direct connectorconnection! In order to avoid bad!

for three reasons: the governor malfunction. The governor pulled the line, not the Car, “Speed”, and then there Is likely to be the governor to bad! Speed ​​Is mostly with the “Hall” the governor, the original Hall of damage possible for your Car can not stop

approach: detected first polar lead controller, + 5V to turn to the red line, a negative line connected to the black transfer line, a signal line connected to the blue and blue, there are three electric Car line reversing, line reversing in that the switched line can be arbitrarily connected!

Four reasons: controller failure. The controller power transIstor breakdown also appear Runaway,

Processing method: the controller to turn to unplug, or turn on the power for speed, Is controlled internal Is faulty, the controller needs to be replaced.

five reasons: simple models with booster function. Some rusty chain flywheel turn leads to a continuous continuous, as long as the “foot Abduction” turning booster Will help play a role, if “foot Abduction” Auto turn, the Car Will move forward, “channeling.”

Processing method: replace flywheel, should help to prevent the booster danger!

Automatic operation of electric vehicles Is not easy to control the rIsk appears, timely maintenance, to avoid accidents caused by loss! Only electric Cars Is that you control in order to secure ride, do not let your electric vehicle control, threatening the life! Travel electric, people may feel follower, do not let the electric Car “red” move! Speed ​​was a problem occurs actions ……

Second problem: how to determine the quality of electric vehicle controller?

Is the electric vehicle controller: The controller Is used to control the motor to start the electric vehicle run, forward and backward, speed, stop, and other electronic devices of the electric vehicle core control device, it looks like the brain of electric vehicles, electric vehicles are an important component.

1, when energized, multimeter appropriated voltage divIsion, any black ink to the negative (negative alarm into the diet IPole), turn the red pen measured, whether there Is a positive voltage of 5V Hall, since they share the same power supply. ThIs situation, how do you try to turn are unreacted, repair Po (typically used to detect the motor controller) above have the 5V indicator

2, also the case of power (in the case of an electric vehicle to start), with Po repair phase sequence check Is normal. 60 ° and 120 ° are ordered twenty-two blinking,

3, if the case Is removed to the next, with the first power measurement multimeter tube, because the tube Is the main power of the original controller, and push the case where there Is resIstance it has a relationship. He said normal controller the squib pushed up naturally strenuous

4 measured by the DMM power tube as:

ride controller bold red pen, the black pen yellow blue phase measurement, almost the same order of three values ​​(the error range Is about 20V), typically more than 400 500 Thus, if there Is no inconsIstency or , it can be judged bad controller; conversely, the black pen rough ride red, and then measuring the

Is generally relatively easy to use these methods If you have a better way, you can also leave comments below, like it can thumbs up, forwarding, collection.