Maintenance divIsion: three kinds of car maintenance Is very “money pit”, there Is no need to go 4S shop to do!

maintenance divIsion: three kinds of Car maintenance Is very “money pit”, there Is no need to go 4S shop to do!

around us more and more Cars, and a lot of people after the maintenance of hIs Car later also very focused, we all know the internal structure of the Car Is very complex, and Is a very delicate instrument, there are a lot of core parts on the Car, such as the gearbox on the engine of these, in fact, a lot of things after the completion of the tube Is less, until the birth of hIs Car when it Is remembered, in fact, thIs Is wrong, owners in daily life we ​​must have a good maintenance, so our Car was good to be able to play for our own Car. In fact, for many ordinary people, after selling Cars corresponding to a variety of maintenance projects Is a lot, so there are many people can not stand, but we are doing these maintenance programs and teacher Is not all of which have come to 4s shops to do Oh, today I want to tell you that Is to say the Car repair and maintenance of these three very pit of money, there Is no need to go to 4s shops to do.

In fact, many people go to 4s shop maintenance Car, went to 4s shops to know which expenses Will be much higher, even more important now that the price basically stable, so that it Is difficult to sell Cars 4s shop to make money, so thIs way they Will naturally want to make money in the doorway, Car maintenance thIs one, after all, buy a Car after Car maintenance Is unavoidable, so they Will dig into in thIs place. Then we take a look at what maintenance Is not to go inside the shop 4s do it?

Is the first one kind of Automotive air conditioning cleaning. In fact, air-conditioning Is actually very easy to dirty, a lot of people know thIs comparIson Will be a lot of dust inside the air-conditioned, there Will be a lot of dirt after a long time, so that not only affect the use of air conditioning and air quality inside the Car Will also be affected , so that regular cleaning of Car air-conditioning Is also very like thIs, when most owners Will choose to go inside cleaning shop cleaning 4s, 4s shop which they think Is very professional, thIs technology can effectively remove dust from the inside out, in fact, owners can use their own common tools to complete, in fact, for the Car air-conditioning cleaning, the most important thing Is to replace aUnder the air filter, thIs Is very simple, so that many systems can be purchased through their own filter replacement click on it.

The second passage Is the Car wash. In fact, most of the owners in the face of thIs problem, which Will choose to go to 4s shops to clean it, which Is to be expected, because a lot of machine oil projects, but if the owner of the oil Is cleaned regularly, then it Will not only no good , but it Will also damage the catalytic converters Oh, in general the Car wash it once after traveling 30,000 kilometers, but some say four s store inside the Car after driving for 20,000 km need to apply, in fact, thIs Is also the 4s shop inside some of the routines, they are to make money just told you so.

The third Is the Car tire maintenance, and we all know that maintenance of Car tires Is very difficult, in general, Car tires no maintenance, once the drum kit badly worn or Is seriously any such case, the owner Will directly change a tire at thIs time on the inside 4s shop to give the Car to do maintenance when often the owner of the tires to maintain it, but in fact 4s shop maintenance tire when the tire Is only waxing wash, no other, so that these Cars are also able to complete their own, so there Is no need to give money to 4s shops inside.