Maintenance divIsion: the car needs to be repaired, not in the best repair shop overnight, many owners “caught”

maintenance divIsion: the Car needs to be repaired, not in the best repair shop overnight, many owners “poIsoned”

With the rapid development of our national economy, people the living conditions greatly improved, people’s life Is also getting better and better, many families also have entered into a state of well-off life, so a lot of people in order to facilitate their usual trips also Will be in a certain after the economic base, choose to buy a private Car to do the means of transport. In recent years the development of the Automotive industry Is also very fast, especially with the implementation of bank lending policies, but also to more and more young people are able to afford a Car, the Car has been integrated into our daily lives, It has become an indIspensable means of transport. But we also know that the Car Is, after all, belong to a mechanical product, so use a long time also there Will be some failures, large and small, in order to maintain the good performance of the Car, do regular Care and maintenance Is very necessary . Even so Will be some wear and failure, it Is used after a period of time, a lot of people Will put on the Car repair shop to check, so it can extend the life of the Car to a certain extent.

do not know if you have not found such a phenomenon, that Is a lot of old drivers go to Car repair, that they Will be there waiting vehicle repaired after the direct drive home, not in the Car repair shop, overnight and then removed, even if that day Is not finIshed repairs Will choose to drive away, brings back the second day to continue to repair, then thIs Is exactly what causes it ? Today, with everyone to talk about it Is thIs topic. Maintenance divIsion: the Car needs to be repaired, not in the best repair shop overnight, many owners “caught”! Generally speaking, the general maintenance need to use the time Is very short, usually the same day to complete, so go directly to the Car Is not much of a problem.

but if the Car appeared in some of the larger failure, or Is difficult to troubleshoot problems, many parts need to be replaced, then thIs Is a waste of time to repair , so the repair shop Will usually suggest that you direct the Car here and wait until repaired to call you, you come pick up the Car on it, many owners feel that thIs Is very positiveOften the phenomenon, also Will lIsten to the repair shop arrangements, very assured of hIs own vehicle to the repair shop, but wait until after the Car to get repaired call you, come back, open a few days can clearly feel themselves vehicles and there are some differences before. Before the Internet also see such a bid, there Is a Car owners say their vehicles occurred in a collIsion damage Is more serious, so put the vehicle to a repair shop to repair, and after a few days to drive back, suddenly found own Car suddenly becomes higher fuel consumption, but wait until the time to check or repair shop who also told him that the Car without any problems.

In fact, generally speaking the Car to a repair shop for maintenance, when in fact there are a lot of “insider.” ThIs Is for Car owners do not understand Is there Is no way perceived. In fact, thIs phenomenon in the service industry Is no secret, after all, there are many owners also have experienced such a thing, there are some repair shops Will give you the time of repair, the original vehicle in gasoline added to hIs Car, but relatively speaking, thIs Is a small thing, after all, we can not gasoline in Canada, but some repair shops Will quietly put on your good parts to vehicle replacement parts in general, if it appears in the process of moving them failure, also Will be a direct threat to our lives. So after we go to the Car to do maintenance time, have to learn the experience of older drivers, do not put the Car repair shop overnight. Usually do not know if you have not experienced anything like it, welcome message to share with Xiaobian Oh.