Maintenance divIsion Reminder: Automotive these problems, do not go to 4S shop maintenance, and he solved!

maintenance divIsion Reminder: Automotive these problems, do not go to 4S shop maintenance, and he solved!

In recent years the development of the Automotive industry Is very quickly out some joint venture enterprIses outside, there are many domestic Cars, prices are also open their markets, by a lot people like it, so thIs Is also driving down the overall price of the Car. Now our country’s Automotive industry Is constantly improving the rIse, in the past, people Will choose to drive are some of the liberation of Charade, Sichuan wild horses and so these companies, but at that time the failure rate of the Car Is very high, so At that time some experienced old driver not only have excellent driving skills, but also need to know how to repair some of the common knowledge before they can deal with these problems now with the progress and development of the Automotive industry Is becoming more and more sophIsticated technology Cars , and now there are many domestic brands appeared in, has been welcomed by many people in the market, so now the failure rate of new Cars Is becoming less and less, of course, except for some “less with the Car” might occasionally encounter some big failures, but are also commonly found some minor problems encountered these problems Is to think of the Car to 4s shop for maintenance of a single lot of people into the 4s shop Is not a small expenditure, even if only some minor problems, in order to earn some money also Will exaggerate the problem, if not understand, then, Will spend a lot of time and money, But if the Car appeared the following questions, then we can solve ourselves. Maintenance divIsion Reminder: Automotive these problems, do not go to 4S shop maintenance, and he solved!

The first problem Is our key fob out of power, if thIs time Is just no spare key, many owners first thought Is to find 4s shop for about batteries, but usually go to 4s shops to change, it also needs at least hundreds of dollars before they can consume plus round-trip fuel costs, overall doing we may also need a hundred dollars can, in fact, if we did not fob electricity, we can own the internet online shopping a battery replacement home on it, than we went to 4s shop to replace the more cost-effective.

The second common problem Is that the weather Is getting hot, summer Is coming soon, and you need to use air conditioning in the summer, butMany people feel that their Car air conditioning has an odor, so there Is definitely thinking about air conditioning needs to be cleaned, and thIs time Will also go to 4s shop for processing. But in fact our Car air conditioning if the odor appears, then, represents the air filter needs to be replaced or need to be cleaned, and in general the air filter Is generally in the rear or front passenger glove box on the right side below the windshield, we can it-yourself replacement or cleaning particularly simple and requires only a few minutes to do, it can save a unnecessary expenses.

The third problem Is that if our vehicles idle for long in the open, I found suddenly mIsfire, thIs time many owners are also very unknown the measures, do not know how to solve, I would choose to look for a trailer, pulled the Car 4s shop or repair shops to solve, in fact, such a solution Is very simple, Why Is there such a phenomenon, because for a long time placing the Car battery Is dead caused, so we only need to prepare a battery take the line to find a neighbor or a friend borrowed a Car with another Car battery charging Car can be, but must be in charge when find out the positive and negative, do not reversed.