Maintenance can only go to 4s shops? AnalysIs and comparIson to know, in fact, several factors are driving!

maintenance can only go to 4s shops? AnalysIs and comparIson to know, in fact, several factors are driving!

In fact, every household Will buy a Car to go to the store 4s, 4s shop because not only Is the brand endorsements, the stores, but also a relatively good technical support, then we buy now after the Car yet, most Will go to 4s shops for maintenance and repairs, so Why would we go to 4s shop for maintenance, rather than go to some store maintenance repair it? Then Xiao Bian today just like everyone to explore, on Car maintenance should be a matter of choice 4s shop or an ordinary repair store.

us look at a set of data thIs year, in fact, thIs year, according to the American Automobile Association’s sales ranking in sales of Cars in the top 10 among prices are basically concentrated in the less than $ 150,000. Then we can do acquire a public example, like thIs year he has won many times the monthly sales of the championship, we can look at, basically go every 4s shop for a routine maintenance, then takes a 500 more yuan, while ordinary regular repair shop Is only need to spend more than 200 to complete our maintenance, the price difference, then the difference between a whole more than doubled.

But Why Is there such a big difference, but more people chose to 4s shops to do to maintain it? In fact, the reason Is very simple, we took the example we sometimes do get sick, we would rather spend a lot of money to go to a large hospital for treatment, but Will not go to some small clinics for check-ups, the reason that because of their higher degree of credibility, security Is relatively high, so if thIs respect, then there Is indeed 4s shop Car repair industry regular large hospital.

If I have in terms of the consumer’s point of view, then on the one hand because of maintenance 4s shop Will be more formal, other accessories Will not be used or second-hand products to our perfunctory, but in fact there Is still a phenomenon many 4s shop to replace the products, but most of the brand 4s shop Will follow the normal process to do maintenance and repair to us, becauseProvide vehicle manufacturers to 4s shop time, it can allow them to raIse prices on their own, but not more than 30% of normal profits they can be guaranteed, so that they are not likely to do so run the rIsk of being investigated danger thing, so 4s shop has also been constrained many manufacturers, that if once there Is a problem, then the agency 4s shop Will be canceled, and that from thIs point of view, then it really Will be various aspects 4s shop the more formal.

The most important point, that Is Issued by 4s shop Is a regular value-added invoices, say that once there Is a problem, consumers you can always hold an invoice to the business sector to make a complaint, and thus safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, if 4s shop Is finally produced the phenomenon of illegal, then they are fine Is very high, the worst case, there may be imprIsoned Association. Maintenance can only go to 4s shops? AnalysIs and comparIson to know, in fact, several factors are driving! Well, from the point of view, then, to sum up, select 4s shop for maintenance, one Is happy to avoid the damage caused by BU, and the other, that Is, we would rather spend a penny, also must go to a more formal maintenance of a good state of mind where the problem.

then the last small or you want to tell the owner that no one can be forced, or guide us in dIsguIse go somewhere conduct our Automotive repair and maintenance, but in fact, whether the owners to repair or maintenance point 4s shop that Will not lose our warranty Issues, but also because of our psychological problems and expressing common-sense, which led to we go to 4s shops. But if the owner to save money, then you can still go to a regular repair shop for maintenance, because sometimes the regular repair shop Is not worse than 4s shop maintenance, and may even be better, so that these two aspects are has its own advantages, it Is to see the owners of our own Will question, I do not know, I heard that some owners after explaining where to go for Car maintenance, thIs aspect Is there a new understanding of it