Maintenance articles: automobile air conditioning during the summer, we should pay attention to what?

hot summer when the Car got into the Car wants to immediately open air, in particular into a Car to be cooked inside the kind of feeling can not wait to open the air conditioning blowing a breath, in fact, damage to the air conditioning Is relatively large, so we should be Careful when using the air conditioner, or Is likely to cause damage to the air conditioning, then what Is the use of Car air-conditioning in summer to pay attention to it?

Check whether the air conditioner Deficit-fluoro

Before using the Car air conditioner, check the condenser, the evaporator surface cleanliness. If dusty, and it should be cleaned with compressed air blowing. Also check each of the switching, the control element performance Is reliable or whether the air conditioner lack of fluoride. One of the reasons Is the lack of air conditioning refrigerant failure.

clean air filter, a heat sink. ,

In particular, reminded that after adding good fluoride, you must check whether the air filter needs to be replaced, many owners do not know it exIsts. Machine front air filter cover at a position close to the windshield, the Car air conditioner Is a filter inlet. Tianyi heat, Automotive air conditioning usage Will increase, if the air conditioning system Is not cleaned, it Will breed bacteria harmful to the health of occupants,

summer heat also engine parts Is necessary, can be cleaned, corrosion, triple glazing process using special cleaning agents outside of the engine.

not too low air temperature,

select the appropriate air temperature, the first step Is conditioning maintenance. As the hot summer weather, many owners prefer to adjust the temperature very, very low, it Will affect the physical health, under normal circumstances, the temperature outside the Car interior temperature difference of 5-6 ℃ with it. Optimum temperature conditioning Is 18-25 ℃.

control the direction of the outlet

the big guys have to remember that cold air sinks, hot air rIsing principle, do not forget to live Oh learn and use, Car air conditioning vent principles: the outlet upward open air, the outlet open heating down.

air conditioning time not too long

Car for a long time Will make the use of air conditioning condenser pressure Is too large, thIs Will cause the cooling system losses, and therefore, if the temperature inside the Car fit, may wIsh to the air conditioning turned off for a while .. Also rest.

the amount of open maximum wind speed

summer Car owners often use air conditioning, Will be sucked into a lot of dust, so need to occasionally open the maximum wind speed , the dust remaining in the air duct to blow out, which Is the most simple and effective way to go.

and outer loop switch between the

Since the circulation of air circulating in the Car, that the Car Is gradually decreased oxygen when the combustion of gasoline in cylinder unsafe, the produced Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide may leak into the compartment, thereby causing the air inside getting worse. Thus, the owner Is recommended when using the air conditioning cycle in a while, and then switch to the outer loop, in order to start the ventilation effect.

under the hot sun for a long slowdown with air conditioning

summer parked vehicle, the inside temperature Is high, do not immediately start after the vehicle starts air conditioning, it Is best to have all the windows open ventilation, the hot air out, and so the inside temperature drop, then close the windows, turn on air conditioning.


the air conditioning turned try not to smoke, if you want to smoke, then set the air-conditioning vents outer control loop adjusted position.

remember not long rest or sleep in the open air-conditioned Car.

Note: every 5,000 km or 3 months for cleaning air filter generally once every 20,000 km, or 12 months to replace air filter. ThIs Will ensure that you can enjoy the fresh clean Car interior environment to ensure your health.