Maintenance also to the 4S shop? Thousand dollars Audi 4S shop original paint was actually 300 yuan low-end paint: No one found

Car has become a standard in many families, everyday Car traveling on the road Is inevitable that various faults and problems, regardless of whether the problem Is big or small the problem, and ultimately, Auto 4S shops deal! 4S shop represent each Car brand excellent quality, high-end services, natural charges are not low, whether it Is money, the more reliable service quality? Really not necessarily!

Audi A4 sedan bound for Audi 4S shop do the paint, 4S shop maintenance staff after checking the body gives a repair quote : 1000 a surface, 4S shop maintenance staff said the reason Why expensive than the average garage, in addition to the Car’s own brand value, excellent quality service, high-end paint factory specified reasons are not low fees.

general maintenance depot as long as 200 dollars, Audi 4S stores with what high-end paint, so expensive? Maintenance staff has repeatedly stressed that, in order to ensure that the Audi high-end quality and safeguard the interests of consumers, are used in Audi company specify the use of German imports of high-end paint, paint them with a parrot, the parrot brand paint Is BASF’s high-end brand .

So really 4S shop staff said, the 4S vehicle maintenance shop using imported paint it?

and friends came to the 4S shop on the second floor paint job shop verified, then a maintenance man just brought out a bucket of paint from the warehouse, and the skilled the paint and curing agent for the deployment operation, surprIsed to find that the original Is not used by service personnel designated BASF German high-end brand licensing paint parrot, but the same as another brand of BASF’s: helter-skelter brand promIse paint.

ThIs Is not a promIse Bean brand paint before the 4S shop said water-based paint, but the paint Is oily, industry sources said, although the parrot and brand promIse Bean brand paint all belong to Germany’s BASF, but parrots are high-end paint, and promIse Bean Is a low-end paint, learned that the market paints a parrot Cards more than 1,500 yuan, while the 4S shop now use helter-skelter brand promIse paint Is very cheap, thIs Audi 4S shop useThe market price Is about 400 paint, according to each make an average of 25 paint surface, the surface of each material costs less than ten dollars, the fees to consumers has high as 1,000 yuan.

used between Audi and Audi 4S shop Is a set of internal procurement system, Audi Audi 4S stores to place orders based on customer needs, that Is, the number of spare parts needed to paint sent to the Audi purchasing Department, purchasing Department Audi Will paint the part number 4S shop requires specified paint brand dIstributed to local service providers through internal procurement system, then the product Will be dIstributed to service providers 4S shop but Audi procurement system does not promIse Bean brand paint, apparently within thIs series Is not specified in any official Audi brand paint.

Since the low-end paint Will not promIse helter-skelter brand Audi original spare parts, and that the 4S shop from which the paint Is into it?

BASF Sales Co., Ltd. staff revealed that the 4S shop here are from their helter-skelter into the Connaught brand paint, the staff also said the owners are not apparent.

It seems 4S shop Is also very deep water, we still have more than eye when vehicle maintenance.

you have to see how it?