Luxury cars to repair, with high car to car with low, how 4s shop going children?

Now the road traffic situation Is very complex, very many Cars on the road, and there are also pedestrian and non-motorized travel on the road together. As a chance of unexpected situation Is still very high, so that we should concentrate on driving in the go travel, do not do the dIstractions. Especially in some urban areas, are likely to accidentally unexpected, of course, our lives are generally some small accident virtually scratch, go to 4s shops to repair what it can be had.

For our owners Is the case, the appearance of the Car Is very particular, there Is a point scratched or dirty, you have to go wash trim, in general, we have built a Car just outside the paint, then if not spent much time, but we must be Careful about, and now some 4s shop, a Car repair Is likely your Car Will become high with the low with Cars a.

A recent News, he said that the owners do not Care an accident, damage to the paint of the vehicle, to repair the Car in the open, there have one thing. The owners themselves are bought with top models, but some time ago an accident, resulting in the damage to the right fender, the owners did not think it Is open to 4s shops inside were painted sheet metal, although very paintwork quickly repaired, but the 4s shop owners ready to leave when they found a problem.

hIs Car has some buttons inexplicably dIsappeared, sunshade button did not, such a situation so that owners feel extremely depressed, it Is to repair paint, how the Car Is gone and even some of the buttons do? For thIs purpose the owner on the spot went to 4s shop for the theory.

After watching the monitor, 4s shops aspects have to admit that hIs Car Is really something to be replaced, and the owner could have been high with the model, which has become the next low configuration, which 4s shop in the end Is how it’s going children?

owners looking for a high-allocation model to do a little comparIson, indeed in the original position Is a rear sunshade button, Is now a plaque to direct covered, and under questioning and theory owners, 4s shop side said that after investigation they found that technicians there through when the Car in NorwayTool damage thIs button. And thIs man Is the fear of punIshment was secretly replaced thIs button, 4S stores have also indicated that they would be responsible in the end.

Finally, after consultations, 4s shop owners expressed Willingness to replace new parts, as well as a variety of maintenance and so on. It can be considered satIsfactorily resolved, but also a reminder to us, to go after 4s shop ah, you must be Careful job, or their Car keys maybe about to be changed.