Luxury brand owners to the 4S shop maintenance in the end worth?

Speaking Luxury Brand maintenance, we certainly impression pop out a word expensive!

So after buying the Car, maintenance want to go 4S shop has become many people’s questions.

Kotaku me as the owner of the BMW 3 Series, two days ago in a dIspute about it and Ah Kun children.

have felt justified –

I think, for most luxury brand owners, maintenance should go to the 4S shop, province thing!

Ah Kun think we should go outside repair shop, cheaper!

call out light useless, let’s take a Counting it.

– we come to Counting oh ~

take my 3 Series, for example, 2014 models 320Li in the

3 years 60,000 km cycle, in the total cost of maintenance 4S shop of 9621 yuan.

Source: BMW service official website

bought in Jingdong accessories, went out maintenance 6060 yuan

to Jingdong self accessories prices, for example

a total of more than 3,000 difference block, expensive, indeed expensive! But you think about it, thIs Is three years, and did not imagine so much more expensive, Is not it?

you Will say, online

There are cheaper ah? Brother, then I really can not buy cheap. After all, you also a BMW ah, have to cherIsh cherIsh, eat some whole grains Is not?

The next most important accounts, that Is,

when selling Cars of the future, used Car value retention.

If someone want to buy a second-hand BMW 3 Series spotted two, as are 60,000 km mileage, condition exterior looks very close.

but all have a 4S shop maintenance records, a maintenance due on the outside do not have these records.

you buy?

Is certainly the first, right? Not only because the condition Is more transparent, you Will find the former owners of a regard for the Car, the Car Is Willing to spend some money and maintenance, you buy some of hIs Cars at ease.

secondary market of the stock market Is that thIs Car not only sell better, even

able to sell a large block of thousands, found yet?

you Care to spend the money, at the time of selling Cars Is completely worth the price!

In addition, my Car more than three years now, and still 4S shop maintenance, Why? Because

save a bunch of coupons child Care ah! Kotaku I, as an old customer, can now enjoy the maintenance 20% dIscount!

such price to date, go out and maintenance

Is really not too bad.

When it comes to

outside maintenance, may indeed be cheaper, but I think, unless that you are familiar with the store, orYou know who compare Car, or really a bit strenuous.

you go to the repair shop, that I do Care, boss pointed behind

shelf sub empty oil drums on that Castrol , shell, Mobil; magnetic protection, extreme Care, shell blue, gray shell; Mobil 1, Mobil Subaru; 5W-30,5W-40; with which?

“Young man, go ahead, with what?”

you are ignorant force, he and pull out three oil filter that 38,88,108 of

what you want?

perhaps also to buy such ~

You say what’s the difference? The boss told you that you have a bunch of

did not understand , then in the end you choose the are the most expensive, go back and check the Internet, ripped off …

without repair shop recommended okay? No problem, buy online pictures. But oil service comes with a lot of

street vendors now Is not Willing to , because they are also making money materials.

little brother might be resentment in Canada with oil ~

you Ruanmoyingpao, they agreed, but change the oil filter dare you to more than 200

manual costs, but also almost caught up with the 4S shop, and more embarrassing? There Is, outside of the “wild spread” Many unskilled laborer, are

by our Car

hone their skills, ah! Untouchable, untouchables ~

Kotaku witnessed,

their friends a normal Car, just to change the oil, however, “Wild stalls “after back, hey oil leakage on a ~

repair, too, before the late Chen BRZ bars rub a bit of needTo tear down, a special

found a friend

shop, a friend arranged for him a special fly unskilled laborer. brother really serious ah, but also really did not split over BRZ ah,

hammering fiddle for a long time

was removed, Chen see thIs dIstressed ah. Chen Buddha the system can not help …

4S shop may use a

specific wrench or tool, every minute Is solved.

Therefore, repair shop

and then fly because they are not specializing in a particular brand, the standard operating procedures, and certainly to be worse .

For example, before the little brother Is designed to repair thIs Car …

Kotaku own 3 Series, rub each occurrence, sheet gold spray paint in the 4S shop repair, do not look little thing, actually quite need professional


was full of paint color number, color was accurate, the color difference was small, the construction environment, labor skills should be guaranteed,

thIs Is actually not casually shop can do.

sheet metal repair not just “waving a sledgehammer”, like BMW 4S shop called with

“glue riveting”

Technology , increasing the adhesive force area, the caulking connection reinforcing material, a higher strength than the conventional welding processes.

Therefore, 4S shop maintenance and saw that it was more expensive than the street vendors on price, but in return Is more specialized techniques,

parts of the original guarantee

And obtain 4S shop full recording condition. Moreover, the extra money you did not actually white, when selling Cars may be worth the price, but also sitting in the lounge massage chair sipping coffee watching TV play iPad, but also free dinner buffet. we wanted to buy a luxury brand does not enjoy the view of a thing, you say, Why not go 4S shop?

To summarize

to most luxury Car owners, or

recommended to the 4S shop

maintenance, after all, peace of mind, simple and practical. do! fold! Teng!