Lost car keys, go 4S shop or repair shop? LIsten to say how old driver

At present, two types of Automotive remote keyless entry, there Is a simple remote control key, which Will be able to start without a key fob with a key and the start key. Its working principle Is that when the remote control button Is pressed, a signal from the remote controller associated with the vehicle body control unit codes match, and then unlocking the vehicle body network wake. If the Car keys are lost, the key can only be matched again.

There are two solutions: 1, to find a formal 4S shop for matching; 2, there Is a key to find a repair shop to open it.

in the body computer, a Car remote control key number of the memory. If the remote control key vehicle lost

One approach Is to go to a formal 4S shop, 4S shop system queries by matching the code of the vehicle, reorder remote keyless entry, and a blank key to match programming. Thus, the previous key fob Will be completely ineffective, and can no longer communicate with the vehicle. However, the original vehicle key fob can be opened by mechanical key, but you can not start the vehicle. Higher costs, may have to spend several thousand dollars.

Another method Is to read by an external vehicle repair shops and the decryption code and direct matching key. There Is also a rIsk that the original keys do not know if you can use, but the price Is much lower than the 4S shop, which may take a few hundred dollars.

ago, I also lost a key fob, but fortunately still spare key. My relationship through a friend, I got a new blank key, 4S shop only took time charge of 200 to 300 on a good job.