Look for centuries in Japan Daihatsu Motor car prices in U.S.’s bumpy road

“To fortune to buy big hair, hair hair hair!” Is the slogan the late 1980s all the rage, and the protagonIst of advertIsing Is by the Tianjin Automobile plant imported from Japan Daihatsu assembly line and began production of Tianjin Daihatsu (Beverly) TJ110, the prototype Car Is Daihatsu Hijet minivan. At that time, the initial value of domestic reform and opening up people’s wallet drum slowly up; which the Tianjin Daihatsu (Beverly) TJ110 represented by the “yellow insect surface” Is opened a New York taxi civilian era. ” play “have taken advantage of that time became the buzzwords. It Is also short span of years between “yellow bug” swept the country from north to south, become the main force of the rental industry.

but as a century-Car prices, Daihatsu Motor (DAIHATSU) but it does not matter how eye-catching performance, while at home Tianjin Daihatsu also short-lived. Daihatsu Motor thorns along the way can be described as contained way, mIserable. Although the big club now has to do backing Toyota (Toyota, Daihatsu holds a 51.2% stake), but its identity Is more like Toyota foundries in other countries: paving the way for Toyota. So today Xiaobian lead everyone to look back at thIs century-Car prices, see Japan’s Daihatsu Motor bumpy road in the United States.

to talk about Japan’s Daihatsu hIstory dates back to the dIstant 1907, when the production and marketing engine for the purpose of creating a “Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “than Toyota Motor also am nearly 30 years. Daihatsu initial phase mainly produces various types of engines and power generation applications in a number of areas, trains, Automobiles, ships and so on. During World War II, the company was responsible for military warships production.

until 1951, “Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” officially changed its name to “Daihatsu Motors Corporation” in the early days of a few years, Daihatsu mainly produces small tricycle. Including the 1957 production of the Midget, that Is, the year New York motorcycle factory production Dongfeng three Cargo motorcycle; three motorcycles for small series and thIs also has unusual significance, then parents Will be small series in the early days stepping on the three-wheeled motorcycle purchase, delivery, although hard but after years of struggle motorized also already Niaoqianghuanpao, but when hIs father drove a motorcycleYingzi still can never be erased in a small series of mind.

Figure: Maybe a lot of small age friends do not recognize thIs motorcycle, but in thIs era before Cars and shops of many families important means of transport, the three wheel motorcycle.

Figure: I do not know how many friends have been in thIs, sat please raIse their hands, thank you.

Figure: ThIs three-wheeled motorcycle with a lot of small series of childhood memories.

to November 1960, a very interesting Car driving from the production line out, and thIs Car Is Tianjin Daihatsu (Beverly) TJ110 prototypes: Daihatsu Hijet mini-van. And its significance lies in Xiangshan, 1983 National Conference, determine the construction of mini-Car production base in Tianjin, the introduction of Japan’s Daihatsu assembly line, production Tianjin Daihatsu Motor.

at 22:05 on September 25, 1984, a co-production of U.S.’s first Chinese and Japanese Daihatsu Tianjin Automobile factory in Tianjin smooth out the production line. The first batch of Tianjin Daihatsu Japanese American assembly methods of production parts, and welding, painting, assembly, quality inspection, a total of only eight people to participate in the assembly. But as the industry moves into orbit, Tianjin Daihatsu thIs name by virtue of the low price, low cost Car has been recognized by the country; we also had the article at the beginning of the phrase “to fortune, buy big hair, hair hair! “the classic slogan. In those years, Tianjin Daihatsu bursting in, around the plant lived up to buy big fat people, they buy from the factory price of 28000, hands down sold for 52,000 yuan Will be able to sell a high price, you can imagine Tianjin Daihatsu so many people “fat” home. But the unexpected outbreak, when the renowned Tianjin Daihatsu in the fierce competition in the market gradually lost its dominance, under the impact of Chang’an, Hafei and other domestic brands face other, and gradually withdraw from the market; big hair at home first a partnership failed.

FIG: DAIHATSU Hijet minivan.

Figure: In 2004– put into operation during 2006 Hijet Cargo Hybrid models.

FIG: Peugeot Although not yellow, but the extent of hair ran for Tianjin embarrassing.

Figure: yellow taxi plane became the first choice models.

have once after the failure of big hair did not give up the pace into the United States. The next Car in thIs country Is not short-lived, but enduring civilian models Xiali. Its prototype Is in the Daihatsu Charade 1977 11 Yue in the Japanese market from 1977 to 2000, a total of four generations of models, respectively G10 / G20 generation, G11 second generation, G100 and G200 three generations of four generations. Power system, the first-generation and second-generation models are models using three-cylinder 993cc engine dIsplacement, but the first-generation model maximum power of only 55 horsepower; and second generation models are beginning to have a turbocharged engine, including IHI RHB32 turbine Is equipped with three-cylinder CB60 engine, the maximum power output of 80 horsepower.

FIG: first generation Charade models.

FIG: second generation Charade Turbo.

in the subsequent 1985 26th Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu Motor show jointly developed with Italy De Tomaso Car company WRC Group Group B Rally prototype Charade DeTomaso 926R. The Car using the second generation Charade (G11) chassIs, 926cc of CB70-valve DOHC three-cylinder turbocharged engine 12, the engine Is mounted on the rear seat in the original position, the drive form to run over the same rear center drive; power output Is up to 120 horsepower / 6500rpm, 15 kg m / 3500rpm; plus weighs only 800 kg of body weight, it has a pretty good competitiveness. But sad reminder of the great interest the development of Daihatsu Motor racing has not landed, WRC Group B rally group has been canceled, a cavity blood, but in vain I end up thIs way, playing racing injury can not afford ah.

Picture: 1985 26th Tokyo Motor Show, Daihatsu Motor shows WRC Group Group B Rally prototype Car with the Italian De Tomaso Car company jointly developed Charade DeTomaso 926R.

FIG: When the engine Is not shifted, but a small construction, and 120 of the three-cylinder Charade DeTomaso 926R Is regarded as a little devil.

In 1987 the third generation Charade (G100) models on sale, thIs model Is our best-selling domestic models Xiali prototype. And from the beginning of the previous generation models based on the three-cylinder engine, added a 90-horsepower 1.3L HC-E (CB90) four-cylinder engine; and an increase in engine 1.3L EFI four-door model in 1988. But in thIs generation model, it Is necessary to mention Is the three-door hatchback models GTti, using a three-cylinder 1.0L turbocharged DOHC engine with 105 (CB70) and 101 (CB80) horsepower output depending on the exporter, the GTxx models are only 105 (CB70) to choose from.

and also mentioned above, thIs generation Is that the domestic Xiali models of prototypes. Tianjin Car at the time by a “technology transfer” approach and cooperation Daihatsu, Charade introduced the Hijet 850 and domestic; Tianjin Automotive Industry Corporation bought the Daihatsu has all the technology on these two Cars, so that self-development and production. In 1986, Tianjin Automobile CKD way to introduce a number of second-generation Charade models test the water, and thIs water test market response Is good; the leadership to act decIsively, in the same year September 30, the third-generation prototype of Charade The first exit swells Tianjin Xiali TJ730Production line assembly code TJ376Q a 1.0L three-cylinder engine with 53 horsepower; so far Xiali legend Will be staged.

FIG: In the production of the first embodiment CKD Charade.

Figure: Japan’s third-generation prototype vehicle Charade, Charade hatchback thIs now seems a lot of flavor.

FIG: Tianjin Xiali TJ7100, wherein TJ Is the phonetic alphabet Tianjin Abbreviation, 7 represents a Car, 10 indicates that a Car Is 1.0L of dIsplacement, and the last digit “0” indicates which models the Carburetor version (if it Is 1 it means that it Is EFI version).

Xiali birth date even small series even earlier than a year, the nearly 30-year-old guy in the painstaking efforts Tianjin Car; from the initial TJ730 to TJ7100, TJ7100A / TJ7100UA, TJ7130UA, Xiali A series, N3, N3 +, N5, N7, and now has children and grandchildren. Which in October 1990 had 16 first ass sedan Xiali, Xiali end of 1997 equipped with Toyota 1.3L 8A engine, 2002 June 24, FAW Group holds a 50.98% stake in Tianjin to become the actual controller of Car in 2007, Tianjin FAW equipped with self-developed 1.4L four-cylinder engine, 17 November 2009 200th million units Xiali sedan was successfully launched, and N5 launched a new model, in October 2010 to create a monthly sales of 24,300 units amazing sales.

However, these results appears to be very bright, but let Xiao Bian start to worry about it, Why do we always hold a Car Siken, Will press its surplus value to what time Is head it? Even if you say that a Car made to the people, Cheaper Is the main selling point, but the Japanese people with dIsabilities can not have high-tech, performance Is not it? Not to mention the technology has been in the hands, turbo, four-wheel drive Is not what you really? Our Auto industry started late, not horrible, horrible thing Is that with conditionsDo not know how to innovate and challenge myself was the most terrible. So that you twenty thousand units of amazing sales Is only a number, it does not make sense.

Figure: Xiali justifiably claim to be the largest in the country to introduce change models models, not one.

Figure: Geely Automobile Is the first virtue of Xiali basIs play one day.

while the fourth-generation model Charade (G200) was born in 1993, but did not introduce domestic generation model, which in the previous generation models based on the increase four-wheel drive system assembly 1.5L models, hair and big companies to commemorate the partnership with the Italian De Tomaso Car company introduced a new GTTi models. The model uses a new 1.6L engine, with a new aero De Tomaso developed and equipped with ReCaro sport seats, by tuning the power output to 124 horsepower, but outside Japan only with the simple GTi models.

Figure: ThIs Is the fourth generation Charade models did not occur in the country.

By 1997 the next time, big hair show a new small SUV, Terios, which Is the domestic launch of the Toyota Terios models. Four-wheel drive vehicle, and equipped with a 89 horsepower 1.3L HC-EJ SOHC engine, and 659 cc 60 horsepower turbocharged engine, there Is provided 5-speed manual and 4-speed Automatic transmIssion. By the year 2000 after, Terios began assembling a 1.3L K3-VET DOHC turbocharged engine, the maximum power Is 140, so a small SUV also had strong words mean little cannon. By the year 2006 the second generation Terios models come out, and was named Be? Go, but after rebranding Is the Toyota Rush. Use of Car1.3L and 1.5L 3SZ-VE engine, and with four-wheel drive system.

but thIs time by Daihatsu and Toyota, Dongfeng want to be in the United States to make a comeback, so Terios in 2003, began landing FAW Toyota sales network, and named Trojans. Daihatsu thought relied on Toyota Fengyun trees can earn pours, but the Trojans did not expect sales appalling, because the price Is too high and the time Is not mature domestic SUV models, 2005 to August month sold only 252 units, compared with the popular Terios more than 100 countries around the world such results, let Daihatsu and Toyota dIsheartened.

Figure: Worldwide sold in more than 100 countries Daihatsu Terios was tortured in US , untimely ah.

Figure: The second generation Daihatsu Terios models named Be go?.

FIG: the subscript Is changed after Toyota Rush.

But after the Trojans lost, but domestic brand Zotye Automobile volunteered to adopt Terios precursor platform, by changing the details of replacement MitsubIshi engine, to create a more affordable price of Thai people 2008,5008 models; but the market reaction Is also unsatIsfactory. Daihatsu in after a long investigation, the 2005 Daihatsu Motor once again chosen to cooperate with FAW Jilin Automobile Group Co., Ltd., was establIshed FAW Daihatsu (Jilin) ​​Body Parts Co., Ltd.; the US market for the design of a novel, safe high performance, excellent cost-effective “compact” small passenger Cars, eventually Senya M80 MPV and Senya S80 SUV models come out.

Xenia new models with Toyota developed multi-functional global strategic vehicle platform, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout design, and the use of A-type MacPherson front suspension and multi-link rear suspension frame; power aspect Is used 1.3L EK 91 horsepower and 1.5L 3SZ 102 horsepower engine, a dual-purpose vehicles of the Automobile becomes Xenia horse.

FIG: zhongtai 2008 and 5008. Limited Daihatsu and FAW Jilin Automobile Group Co., Ltd. to cooperate in the establIshment of the FAW Daihatsu (Jilin) ​​Body parts:

FIG. company; for the US market to design a clean, safe, good cost-effective “compact” small passenger Cars, eventually Senya M80 MPV and Senya S80 SUV models come out.

Figure: M80 interior photos, no fancy equipment from the interior point of view, everything Is practical enough as a starting point, thIs Is the ordinary people to buy Car.

At thIs point Daihatsu rough road in the country to report a paragraph, a hundred years as a Japanese Car prices, Daihatsu Motor does not have a amazing performance, but also not too outstanding works as a Toyota foundry, Daihatsu Is somewhat bleak. But back to our Car prices, “Neet” It should be very appropriate, Xiali, Zotye, Jetta, Santana, and so on a number of models have decades of hIstory, but still be able to sell in the country, of which there Is a problem ? To put it plainly, the vast majority of our consumers value the price, no matter what brand, price Is the most important, and our Car prices also Is the value of thIs technology combined with old old platform created low repairer cost and high-volume, so the results might very satIsfied with the leaders, but for the development of an enterprIse’s what good it? Implying 20 years Houxia Li Is still the platform and the engine it?

Of course, Daihatsu Car, there are still several more classic Car memorable moment, which Is one of Copen . Copen (L880K) was born in 2002 as a standard K Car, vehicle length and breadth Is limited to 3.4m, 1.48m, 2m, dIsplacement must not exceed 0.66L, the maximum power can not exceed 64 horsepower. So Copen uses a 0.66L a 63-horsepower four-cylinder turbo model JB-DETDOHC, and for Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets Copen was equipped with a 1.3L K3-VE DVVT engine, the maximum outputA power of 86 horsepower, 12.2 kg of torque output. But thIs sweet little Copen failed to live too long, finally dIscontinued in 2012.

but recently Daihatsu Motor has exposed News Will be released Copen alternative models in 43 circles Tokyo Motor Show, the new model Will be named mining Daihatsu Kopen. New Kopen equipped with a 660cc three-cylinder turbocharged engine, the use of CVT gearbox, front-wheel drive. Exports to Europe and the United States of vehicles Will be equipped with a 1300cc engine. In addition, the official picture, the Car and the Car body uses a lot of Carbon fiber material, Is expected to use other materials instead of mass production.

FIG: DAIHATSU Copen Car very narrow like Audi TT, but it Is more lovely liked.

FIG: DAIHATSU recently introduced large hair Copen alternative models Kopen, a lovely little more than a few sharp expression, so Xiaobian quite looking forward to its performance.