Little green car on the street! Simply because green “unlucky” it?

Careful friends have a question, filled the Car, the Car Is almost no green paint, or Is rare. If you have to say taxIs and postal vehicles, Xiao Bian also speechless, then a little resent.

almost no green

on the family Car in, the original green paint Is really very rare Although now the pursuit of individuality, the pursuit of unconventional, but the green Car Is rare indeed.

Is still the most common white (white even some models even increase), followed by black (classic colors), the rest Is blue-gray red golden brown color and so on, in green nature Is the main tone, Why the Car Is not common it?

In fact, thIs side of knowledge Is still very large, Ming lIsten to you one by one:

a gas field

Is very garIsh emerald green color, if not quite the gas field models, ordinary family Cars are completely unable to hold emerald green, If there had to spray on green Jetta, really It looks out of place. In fact, even the green top luxury Cars, often using dark green or dark green.


dark green Benz

Second, the masking property

the green paint Will have their own attributes repression of metal color, the Car Will not appear bright metallic luster, if you have to drive the green coating paint, more stringent requirements for quality and paint spraying have. And green paint durability often than other colors, it means a long time even more old.



Third, cultural values

who opened the Car after all, largely match up, too weird paintMake a majority of consumers are prohibitive. After all, most people are still Willing to follow the crowd, enough to buy a Volkswagen colors.

In addition, as Americans, there Is a small perception that green Is another meaning, after all, no man dared to take to the streets to head a green bar!



how, in fact, green Car great personality, Is very unassuming. Would you like to buy a green Car?

Xiao Bian especially like the bike emerald green Lamborghini, keep them coming back guarantee one hundred percent!

concern “Ming said the Car”, there Is the attitude of the Car media.

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