Like cheap? BMW reading thIs you Will know how high maintenance cost of used cars

at Amoy Car, my Car dirty Tucao endless for the former, however, body and interior of dirt, can be solved by cleaning maintenance, we use three days, its comprehensive cleaning.

Therefore, first, the seat I was cleaned using a cleaning agent on the foam and grease stains on the seat and dIssolved, followed by washing with a brush, wet towel and then once again spray foam cleaning agent Is dIssolved, and finally wiping cleaning Is required after repeated wiping.

ThIs step Is not complicated, but it was 3,4 hours, the final effect Is great.

In addition to the deposition of dust on the Carpet, as well as contamination of some drinks and snacks, first clean up waste and finely divided residue was then dIssolved foam cleaner the dirt, texture of the Carpet with a brush along the brush over and over again, and finally need to remove detergent residue with a towel and dirt. Fortunately, the weather was fine, the rear doors open to dry for a while, and soon went to the Carpet moIsture.

Cleaning of the door liner, and the seat Is the same program that requires multiple passes to reproduce cleaning smooth, soft but the inside door handle through more than 8 years of use, had melted, not only sticky, dirty after also appears to be very sick, even if the surface has been cleaned, the perception Is still unbearable, so I bought three inside door handle module from the internet, its to be replaced.

Is more trunk headache, velvet on the floor Is a large share of grease contamination, then, universal foam also sent handy cleaner, dIssolving, washing, wiping , and so forth.

After an afternoon of agonizing, finally back to normal.

I prepared the Car in their own home with a can of foam cleaner, not run out for four months, but thIs time bought a box, only the Car interior cleaning , they spent a full two cans of …

after cleaning the interior, not only to enhance the look and feel, and my heart also looks a lot more comfortable. The next day went to the Soviet UnionState archives transaction processing, after which the Car you want to dIsinfect process.

On the third day, online shopping and around water dIsinfectant arrival, after breakfast I put downstairs to open the Car, the Car odorless dIsinfectant spray , sealed for 20 minutes ventilation.

although the cleaning work Is time-consuming, but fortunately not difficult to resolve, as an old Car, and the state of its mechanical operation, what we study the focus of the Car after more than eight years of use, has a kind of state?

mechanically, dead front door latch, the door lock Is not the case occurs, it Is normal burglar alarm, mention Cars next day, on the right front door latch It was replaced. After

line in the end oil vehicle alarm at around 65530KM, I Meicun when passing the service area of ​​Wuxi, timely filling of 1L gray shell oil, with 170 km home in use after a few days, including round-trip Nanjing – Suzhou journey, the total mileage to 66283KM, thIs time, the amount of oil onboard computer dIsplay, and no change when compared to additional.

So I more comfortable were oil service, thIs time using gray shell 0W-40 oil, oil 6L, hot Car computer dIsplay just the top line, change the oil on terms I Will continue to use observation, but in the present circumstances, burning oil does not exIst, most likely, the last maintenance plus oil low fluence.

In order to fresh air inside the vehicle, the replacement of a new air filter, the original Car smell slightly, after some cleaning and dIsinfection have been substantially removed, but each Will have a musty air conditioning blowing, neither comfortable nor healthy, thIs Is certainly not suitable for pick-up on hIs wife pregnant in August from work. Not only to replace the air filter, but also to sterilize the air-conditioning duct cleaning.

above with respect to dressing, the Car cabin, the chassIs and suspension would be very worry, permeability can beIs the most common problem BBA old Car, but in fact even the Japanese Cars, can not escape the curse of aging rubber leak, the Car in the valve chamber cover pad Department has leakage, there Is no need to fix.

In addition shelves after the inspection, I found the place very dry sump, which makes me worry a lot, in addition to the right side of the chassIs shield some glass of water trace addition, no local wet oil, shock absorbers and no obvious signs of oil leakage.



I have one more tangled, Is the appearance of rub the need to process my current idea Is to try to stay the same, we really do not have the heart to make changes to the original Car paint, but can provide a repair service. ThIs Car had two front doors had partial paint, had to replace the front and rear bumpers, and the rest are original paint, original paint of the metal coverage of over 80%.

Overall, thIs Is a good condition BMW, for ten million Cars a budget option value Is higher than the same price a new Car, especially its mileage Is not long, the machine Is relatively peak of the state, in addition to the current market conditions, maintenance Is not expensive, but expensive spare parts Is a problem, we are the small trimming, flower parts and maintenance about four thousand, there are more than 2,000 basIs insurance.

thIs Car worth it? If you are a Car dealer, you may have to marvel at, but if you are a condition of the Amoy user, it Is the value that thIs little mileage BMW in the market can be described as rare, of course, in addition to the kind of Car transfer table.