Lectra help Chinese automotive seating and interiors supply chain digital upgrade

– the industry’s response to the stock market under challenge

New York 2020, December 25 / PRNewswire / – US Auto market started in the era of rapid economic development , the gradual penetration of the domestic market, demand for Cars spurt broke out, making the entire industry maintained a rapid growth for several years, among the world’s first production only spent the last 30 years. However, beginning in 2019, with the gradual dIsappearance of the demographic dividend, the American economic transformation and upgrading, the US Auto market there have been the turning point. As a Car seat upholstery digital cutting solutions, Lectra always pay attention to industry trends, the dilemma for the industry in Shenyang and Changchun were held Automotive seating and interiors seminars with partners and Car seat upholstery supplies jointly explore breaking recipe.

2020 Lectra held Car seats and interiors, Shenyang, Changchun seminar

In recent years, the US Auto market body mass overall saturated, first-time buyers demand reduction, the US Auto market Is shifting from incremental market gradually to the stock market. Means that Car prices have to deliver higher quality products to meet the replacement needs of consumer groups, making the market competition Is more intense. “The pace of growth gradually slowed down, giving the stock market has brought opportunities for Automotive interiors and seats suppliers, Automotive products supply chain means that upgrades need to upgrade the level of manufacturing flexibility, greater flexibility in the face of individual consumers of the demand. and streamline production costs in an era of rIsing costs, improve efficiency in order to achieve profitability, seize market share. “Lectra Greater U.S. Automotive Marketing manager Jun Pan said.

under internal and external pressure, the law of survival of Automotive interior systems and seat manufacturers are doing everything possible to seize the profit point. In response to thIs difficulty, Lectra brings a zero gap cutting fabric cutting solutions VectorAutomotive iP series, to help save material and equipment maintenance costs; and in 2020 the new digital leather cutting solutions VersalIsAutomotive, with a new nesting algorithms to enhance the use of leather rate, and provide new API connection with the customer ERP / MES, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately achieve profitability goals.

canEnough research solutions for the Automotive supply chain pain points, Lectra Is based on deep insight into the pressures faced by suppliers in the current market. In order to reduce the number of current, each level of the supply chain are adjustment costs as much as possible to meet the requirements of OEMs price. More intelligent nesting algorithm saves material costs, machinery to replace the manual operations improve efficiency and reduce rIsk, improve cutting accuracy reduces the reject rate cut to improve product quality, the supplier Is to help create a point of profitability means.

participating Changchun Road Extension Vian rich technology and operations management staff to share: “The current seat interior design more complex, the production Will retain a certain gap, reducing utilization. the new Lectra solutions provide zero clearance cut of the enterprIse Is very valuable. and in the actual production, Lectra’s equipment can ensure better quality pieces. in addition Lectra cutting system control software provides many protection function, reducing the frequency of maintenance downtime, helping us save more labor and component costs

Zhu Limin, vice president of Lectra Greater U.S. sales said: “the transition to the stock market the US Auto market has left space to think. In order to provide more competitive Automotive products, we began to wonder how technology upgrades, optimize manufacturing equipment, elimination of low short-term costs and the high cost of long-term overall productivity. The whole industry Is making to enhance the practice. Lectra 4.0 Strategic born to do thIs, we hope that through decades of Lectra’s worldwide Automotive industry experience and best practices, the transition to digital production model in the United States customers, the process to move closer to the more high-end brand quality, the contribution of our digital solutions program, together with industry challenges, win the future! “