Leather seats of the car in the end should or should not put seat covers?

Recently, a fan of tea in the background brother message: leather seats of the Car you should or should not put seat covers? Do not be afraid jacket worn long time, then set down the rear seats can also affect the appearance.

tea brother that the Car safety point of view very recommended affect

of the side airbag:

a lot of wrap-around seating Will affect deployed side air bags, similar to in the first officer on the front panel to place the object Will affect airbag deployment Is the same reason.

The side airbag Is usually long like thIs:

2013 Skoda Octavia

plus a little better vehicle side curtain airbags (head restraint system ), rear side airbags and airbag hip Is like thIs:

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe

imagine elastic band for fixing the seat cover Is basically just the side balloon burst open position, so the consequences can be imagined.

Even without considering the problem fixed straps, balloon itself it does not need to penetrate additional layer of seat covers and designs. Airbag’s performance Is unknown case of emergency needs to penetrate more than one seat covers.

If you can not find the question mark on the main vehicle seat (or approximate, or indicate the SRS AIRBAG label), then it when I say, no side air bag Will not worry about it problem.


seat safety:

Car seat angle, construction and design from consideration comfort are required to meet safety standards.

In the case of an emergency such as front, side impact or rear-end collIsion when the seat Is to ensure that:

  1. Will not decline due to the impact force, resulting in the seat belt ( safety restraining means) an unknown failure or problem of generating

  2. protection of the spine

  3. the seat with a headrest at the rear reduce Whiplash Injury (command whip-type injury), etc …

so the Car seatPassive safety chair Is a big part of the Car, the annual IIHS, Euro NCAP and even C-NCAP were hit heavily on the Car seat and headrest Whiplash tests Carried out and as a vehicle safety rating in.

Volvo Spinal Protection

sleeve Is likely to affect different degrees above the seat 1,2,3 function, particularly impact how many bodies did not test it because there Is no way to be seen.


In summary it can not fight without seat cover seat cover. If you must use only the words but also to ensure the rear seat, front seat resolutely do not. In fact, if they wIsh to cool it, the main question should be considered an option Heated and Ventilated Seats (heated and ventilated seats), the much more comfortable than the seat cover.

Car Car did not want to be fooled

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