Lead-acid battery electric vehicle repair method of

Motorcycle maintenance technology – maintenance method for an electric vehicle lead-acid battery

Lead-acid batteries the stereotype Is consIstent with lead powder Is made from powder after; online blowing repair machines can not be repaired! Do not believe using our battery repair machine!

Although the lead plate Is damaged can be replaced, but now the cell Is a tubular battery, a special tool must be removable, such as a battery pack need drum shedding; plus plates inside the battery Is connected in series, even replace thIs group, the next set of plates Is not life long.

Therefore, not only a high maintenance cost, and poor!

we have a correct charging method, the drop volume for around August battery Is maintenance method, which method Is simple and effective. Been to the correct battery maintenance methods in the case of remaining 50% of the volume can be restored normal!

our cell volume within 50% in August, 48V20A before maintenance to ensure the battery Is saturated, for example!

electric Car battery Is installed in series, in which we have a very positive battery A battery Is extremely negative D ABCD thIs sort

we have battery dIscharge protection device 10A Is provided to clamp the battery voltage Is above 10.5V, respectively; start dIscharge instrument! And began to dIscharge record time!

The battery capacity calculation formula one hour dIscharge current of 10A 10A 2OA hour dIscharge Is dIscharge cell Is 120 minutes 2 hours

needs to check the battery’s dIscharge end of the dIscharge time of each battery, and the battery capacity more formula!

The battery 3 has a dIscharge 100 minutes, only 60 minutes the battery A, then A faulty battery cell belongs!

We have to achieve a balance before the battery volume reaches troubleshooting!

we can use two kinds of charging methods

separate charging

separate from the electrical charge of each cell so that each respective let volume to the highest point of the outbreak, if one wants to achieve the best, you can also charge and dIscharge cycle two or more times!

2 serial charge on battery power, but Is supplemented with the charger

ThIs Is generally used in a battery without special tools or larger, more complicated operation!

The cell A and cell B difference of 40 minutes, divided by 60 = 10A Is approximately equal to 0.167AX 40 cents per minute 6A corresponds to the battery and other A 6A error current cell

If we choose a charging charger 6A whole series charging time should be divided by 20 equals 3.333 hours 6

at thIs time we have attached to a 12v battery charger a charger as adding additional 6A, the battery AB Is error 6A, then we have to charge the battery in one hour on the a!

Current battery error Will affect the volume of the entire battery pack!

battery error we only need to take it to supplement battery power points on the line!

There are two ways to add power; and a separate supplementary series add!