Lamborghini facelift wheel hub, the owner admits: want to live decent, a little green wheels must

Lamborghini Aventador Is Lamborghini’s latest flagship model, benchmarking Ferrari F12, equipped with V12,6.5L dIsplacement engine, 100 mph in 2.9 seconds superCar, maximum horsepower up to 740, the entire vehicle a lot of Carbon fiber structure makes the body lighter, faster speed. Although the bull logo Is a lifelong pursuit but many fans Lamborghini large cattle prices fall more than seven million, annual maintenance, Car expenses can buy a BMW Mercedes-Benz.

as Daniel flagship model basically no modifications, accessories in general does not meet the Car’s dynamic performance, electronic equipment to change up Is not only cumbersome and error-prone, thIs ultra-running maintenance can imagine. But there Is always a Lamborghini owners like to play, able to afford Aventador Is not afraid to play bad, and today we have to put the wheel hub station Aventador for a set of 20-inch forged new tires.

Soft Scrub wheel hub body coupled feel? The process of changing tires Is relatively simple, less than half an hour all set. ThIs repair shop in Area can be considered well-known, ordinary Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, BMW Will be played modification, the store owner said Ferrari, Lamborghini also played a few, playing the Car sector can be considered a veteran!

Why you changed your green wheel hub? Owners also joked: “If you want a decent life, a little green wheels must”!

Is not a Lamborghini roar 比法拉利迈凯伦 of that rings a lot? Body structure or bad sound insulation Lamborghini? In the Car to hear the startup sound rang clearly a lot more than the Ferrari, have the opportunity to play pro-test Car friends can look at.

ThIs 20-inch wheel hub Is in a stationary state can not show the real upscale, the pattern formed in the wheel driving process of looking more to the original ratio of

style scIssor doors also increase the value of color Is thIs Car a lot of points, frameless doors artifact called the sIster tease, black body looks like a Taiwan performance monster in the dark it Is definitely the most Hey man.

The performance of thIs Car already belongs to the top speedBut the body minimum ground clearance Is only about 10cm, although the chassIs can be adjusted down, but encountered a buffer zone of urban areas and roads gentle slope always frightened, but also afraid of driving a Lamborghini chassIs Is stuck, it can be considered a luxury Car bring trouble now?

20-inch wheels of the original shape Is flat high-performance tires, for a price of about 300,000, a yellow caliper more than 50,000 which Is a conservative estimate of case, really can not afford the luxury Car also can not take ah!