Known! The store opened its doors! Car repair workshop can also provide on-site service

Wuhan in March 27 Issued a market regulation 13 initiatives, in line with the provIsions of the resumption of production resumption of individual businesses do not need to be approved to Carry out business activities according to the law. Under the new policy, sales of agricultural and sideline products, daily necessities or their skills in the use of self-employed persons engaged in labor activities convenience, you can legally Carry out business activities in accordance with regulations after self-commitment. In particular, the basic livelihood guarantee for retail individual industrial and commercial households, shall be exempt from regIstration in accordance with law.

Today, Reporters in Wuhan streets to see some street shops have been Carried out orderly return to work.


return to work opened solve a big problem

9:00, a Reporter Qin Park Road in Wuchang DIstrict of Feng Ming Jiaorui Car service Department stores see, being an owner of the vehicle in for repair.

owners Mr. Wang, he Is sinking cadres, should go to the community on duty every day, long ago dIscovered the vehicle engine oil leakage phenomenon, but can not find to local service, and therefore live in fear every day, for fear of vehicle breakdowns affect the work. Automobile manufacturers have resumed service that message, Wang first time to put the vehicle in for repair. Mr. Wang said, Now solves a big problem.

ThIs person in charge of vehicle maintenance department Mr. Yi told Reporters, although there Is no return to work some time ago, but has been receiving calls from customers and old, reflect the long-term vehicle stop did not move in the dIstrict, loss of battery power can not start because there Is no return to work, he could not. After companies have been reporting these days to return to work, get approved yesterday, today you can get a direct return to work the News, immediately opened the door, Mr. Yi represents a loss of power for the vehicle Will start to provide community-to-door service.


Tony teacher “on line” the

80-year-old Hankou Street, the only four Five people in residential Zhang dad at home, home for two months , very, very long hair. After he learned the barber shop downstairs to open the door to return to work, the first time came to the community Issued a voucher to go to a haircut. After Jimmy End made, Zhang dad said, I feel that they are refreshing the spirit.

Reporters drove Wuhan cities, saw street non-staple food shops each cell, infant shops, dry cleaners and other related livelihood security of daily necessities shops are open in succession. Shop operators said that because business can not be two months, rent and other pressure, and Is now able to return to work, they are very happy, and now the epidemic has not yet completed, they Will be under the premIse of good protection, good business services.

Jianghan DIstrict Hua Du Wensheng introduced in the community secretary, Hua in the community Is one of the largest villages in Jianghan DIstrict, there Is no large supermarkets. After the closed management, livelihood living guarantee to increase the difficulty of the residents, the community wanted to do thIs a lot of ways, can now be ordered to return to work, protect the livelihood of communities are organized along the street shops and orderly return to work. Focus on livelihood security of shops, good premIse dIsinfection orderly return to work to ensure the needs of residents.

Source: Hubei Economic TV

Reporter: Shi Lei, Lu Xin

editor: Chen Yanjie | Editor: Qi Pei

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