June car released lIst of complaints, who are the top ten?

In June has passed, officially opened in July, the annual off-season approaching, many small chicken thieves partners intend to buy a Car in July thIs off-season, so it can win the year’s most affordable offer, for such a small partner chicken thief, I very much support, with the most appropriate time, buy the most cost-effective models, no problems. Before buying a Car, first slowly, take a look at the Car before the complaint June 10, and finally, to start with, man of few words said, directly on the model.

Since NO. 1 Peugeot 408 182

Car the first lIst of complaints has been our big brothers Peugeot 408 lIst accounted for many years, without a certain strength Is not possible to create such a ranking, but thIs ranking Is more negative, or old problems, tire cracking, buy Peugeot 408 owners buy well before the Car prepared, anyway, Peugeot Will not change, can not stand on their own enchant four tires, of course, good luck may not have thIs problem.

NO.2 Sunny 93 from the

God Car Sunny lIst Is not unexpected, the chance to sell more than the problem of the large, Sunny complaint in June 93 onwards, compared to the tens of thousands at every turn in terms of sales volume, the number of complaints can be ignored, although the goal Is to Car prices 0 fault close, but by the hundreds of thousands of Car component parts, the failure rate of 0 would like to achieve, basically impossible for Sunny negligible since June 93, buy a new Car really buy Sunny fault Car, can only say that the face dark enough, enough bad luck.

NO.3 Hideo 58 from

Hideo also once considered a vehicle of God, since the three-cylinder machine to enter the camp, linear decline in sales, although the three-cylinder machine cost savings, but the decline in sales Is unexpected losses. Hideo now also successfully landed the top three complaints, we can not say that the fate of multi-fold, the main complaint Is that Hideo jitter, and jitter Is every need to face the three-cylinder machine, thIs jitter can not be completely circumvented.

NO.4 Excelle from 56

As Excelle SAIC’s other a models, equally serious problem, compared to Hideo jitter, Excelle problem Is the body attachment problems, especially serious problem of electronic equipment, consumer complaints most Is the location of the center console unglued crack thIs problem entirely belongs to the selected materials question, in order to save costs, Excelle made such a stupid mIstake, it Is not acceptable.

NO.5 suteng 50 from

SAGITAR also God regarded as public vehicles, although not as well known now once, but not any Car prices can ignore models, the main problem in the gearbox Sagitar above, abnormal sound transmIssion, frustrated, especially at low speeds, thIs problem Is more It Is serious. The mass to Magotan, Issued Santana, basically with the dual-clutch gearbox, while the dual-clutch abnormal sound and frustration Is inevitable.

Ai Ruize NO.6 from 550

compared to Yi Ruize GX, the 5 Ai Ruize strength may be slightly inferior to that, but never thought of Yi Ruize 5 Is actually on the top ten lIst of complaints in June. According to feedback problems owners point of view, the main problem Yi Ruize 5 Is a body paint problem, many owners complained body drum kits, rust and other Issues, especially the chassIs serious corrosion problems models are models 2016, 2019 models, once considered process Issues.

NO.7 sharp 50 from

Skoda Octavia and Volkswagen Lavida new name be two models, the core internal structure makes no difference, the only difference Is that in the brand, but the rate of complaints, it was significantly higher than the Octavia Sunny, Sunny and sales base Octavia sales base Is not one level, but the complaint was little difference between the two. Octavia did notFocus on the problem, a variety of small problems have, in particular, some electronic equipment.

Since NO. 8 Citroen C4L 48

Although Citroen C4L sales Is not ye, but it has a lot of complaints, according to the complaint rate, the Citroen can be ranked approached a few. The main problem Is the Citroen C4L engine burning oil, abnormal noIse and other Issues, it would be the old problem of the Citroen C4L, in addition to these problems, there are some other engine problems, engine oil, belt dregs and other Issues, in short, Is the Citroen C4L an engine problem frequent models.

NO.9 lingdu from 47

and Volkswagen’s a model, lingdu although not as good as high-speed Teng fame, but that has not been popular coupe of years, lingdu does have its own unique, especially the 2.0T version, called the little cannon generation performance but thIs color value of the public to play, can be a lot on the complaint. Sagitar compared frustrated, abnormal sound problems, lingdu Is a body attachment problems, such as abnormal sound inside the Car, smell, seriously affecting experience.

NO.10 Bora from 46

just say End lingdu, come and treasure, Bora and Lavida same paragraph sIsters, with sales not as good as Sunny, but not bad. Bora Volkswagen’s models considered the question of a common problem, engine knock, frustrated, even under abnormal conditions as well as the rIsk of explosion cylinder. Even the braking system Is still there can not be ignored, that people can not understand.

Written in the last:

These are the top ten models complaints in June, most models are VW its 10 models have six models, accounting for 60%, as the country’s largest public joint-venture Car prices, so high indeed should review complaints by complaints of view, it Is not difficult to see Why competing in stockWar era, the public good as Honda, Toyota sold well, next we take a look at SUV Top10 models.

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