Japanese car Why not get the paint thicker? We can save a lot of cost? After reading you Will understand!

Japanese Car Why not get the paint thicker, you can save a lot of cost?

Why Is not concerned about the quality of the Big Three at the time of purchase, but Why to pay attention to paint it? Compared to the Big Three Automobile quality, the thickness of the paint important it can be minimal. Japanese Cars really thin paint it? Most Cars actually paint thickness Is the same. While Japanese Car paint Is not very thick, but it’s still very good corrosion protection, especially in coastal areas of Japanese Cars can exhibit very good protection.

a lot of friends would say that Japanese Car unsafe Car than substance. On occasion, if you look really Carefully to the words of Japanese Cars really do not light, but also more secure. Japanese Car lighter, taking into account fuel economy, in fact, now have to achieve weight reduction of Car prices, the same level of Japanese Cars Is minimal compared to other Cars of important gaps.

Japanese Car safety Is not the best, but with the same level of the US Department of Cars, German Cars are not inferior to safety, regardless Is a crash test on the international or domestic research mediator test, Japanese Cars are able to show quite good results. Personally feel that it Is a means of transport, the Japanese Car Is quite worthy of recommendation, stable and reliable quality, very fuel-efficient, worry, if the latter Is also very preservation, for our people, the peace of mind of fuel-efficient Car Is a good Car ah .

User Comments:

User 1: Paint Is used to do to understand? The thickness of the film thickness to not dIscharge, the paint Is made out in accordance with manufacturer paint properties! Are required to have a thickness of not cutting corners a design that paint Is not the thicker the better, high solid content of the film thickness Will not be too high, the price Is expensive relative to the paint, on thin and thick generally exIst only in paint, you usually see Is the surface layer of varnIsh, the difference between soft and hard, not thin and thick! ThIs performance also tend to paint with which, toughness or hardness finally managed to burst paint scratch! Look focus! There paint film thickness in microns, 1 mm = 1000 micrometers, usually 60-100 micrometers I contacted, some mayIt Will be thick, but able to tell by the eyes thin and thick I think it Is a joke!

User 2: Japanese Cars stability and durability of the good, where other Cars can not find the spray, and only from the security ah, ah thin, thin paint to spray. No matter how spray, Japanese Cars still occupy the top sales charts in several ah. . .