it’s wired! ThIs car Is no accident, there Is damage to the skeleton, how it happened?

I have a friend in second-hand Car evaluation, encountered such a Kia K5, when testing found that the B-pillar cracks, but the Car in addition to painting the entire vehicle, not find more problems in particular skeleton, no other places doubtful, puzzled

friend in used Car evaluation more than three years, the skeleton injury could not see out, perhaps a novelty bar Car, we were going to look at, look at the damaged parts of the photo

thIs Is a right side corner cracking B pillar portion

it Is a left side B-pillar portion of the corner cracking

and the crack portion substantially replace the B-pillar and the upper frame are coupled at a common B-pillar damage during basically cut from thIs position, but after the sealing strip Is removed, the inner skeleton view, but there Is no trace of cutting and welding repair of cracks and only the B-pillar outer skins

as Is the red part of the vehicle of FIG. B-pillar, the vehicle Is a highest intensity beams, generally replace defective repair the entire root, and then covered with the skin, but no B-pillar excIsion repair Car mark

AB column frames and inspection pads, solder joints are all original, without any traces of repair, but in the use of the paint film cytometry thickness Is found

FIG red lines previously found to be thicker paint thickness than other parts, and as long as the length of the foot, and left and right sides are so described left and right sides of thIs site Is done paint, but particularly good painting process, almost no color

that thIs crack Is how did thIs happen, It Is not possible reason, thIs author bold speculate, whether thIs situation Is caused by the following

As shown above, the vehicle may cracking, caused due to lifting at the time, under normal circumstances, after the vehicle Is turned inside groove, are using a crane lifting a way, the general position of the B-pillar before and after each of a rope; if the Car in consideration of the whole Car painting, many cases of sheet metal, maybe the Car had to turn over a ditch and trench soft soil, the skeleton of the vehicle did not cause much damage, but the skin of the vehicle scratches, pits, through a simple sheet metal painting repair

after the author multi-probe, the final learned from the repair shop, the Car 107 State Road did indeed overturned, because the local repair shop to improper lifting the B-pillar skin cracking

thIs second-hand Car, cracking the B-pillar looks as if there Is a big security rIsk, and that the Car did not actually deformed skeleton, but not restored; another vehicle lifting position has always been in thIs position, And B Is the highest position of strength the whole Car, so the Car Is only skin injuries, post-use impact on the vehicle Is not great; I do not know how you think of thIs Car are welcome to express their views!

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