It recognized four kinds of difficult repair engines, one of which was a luxury car, repair shop owner looked on the fun

recognized four kinds of difficult repair engine, which still had a luxury Car, repair shop owner looked on the happy

a lot of friends in the election when the child’s most important Car than the Car’s engine, the engine Is not only the main core of the Car, but also the key to the Car ride the road. Many of my friends chatted about the engine the first time Will say foreign engine technology Is better, so the choice when the Car Will be more biased in favor of foreign Cars. But in the current increasingly advanced technology, the engine Is an excellent regardless of any domestic and foreign, because the rapid development of Automobile research and development, whether it Is a number of joint Car or domestic Car engine Is very powerful, but there are Some owners reflect their engine very poor, every once in a while repairs should be Carried out, and every bad repair, repair shop owner saw him I saw getting calls equal, than anyone else happy. So we are here today to talk about the four most spam engine.

first Ford Is the kind of engine, thIs engine Is very high amount of consumer complaints, for example Fox, Mondeo and Fu Rui Si All three Cars are often reflected in the sound of the engine Is always there and thrashing, get to do a sale over a period of time of the engine and there Will be all kinds of problems generated almost maintenance Will be Carried out a few months, Is very difficult, a lot of my friends are dIsappointed, while the replacement of the engine and also a very large sum of money, Car prices have engine problems too can not solve.

The second Is the MitsubIshi engine, MitsubIshi to enter the US market earlier, many models have been equipped with MitsubIshi engine. Compare southeast of people know the Car Is equipped with MitsubIshi engine, but was criticized by South East Motor was the most serious Is its engine, the engine Is always a lot of people say from time to time fails, the other most important thing Is that it Is very burning oil, high fuel consumption ridiculously long trip down several times to find a gas station, a lot of riders shouted too much, feeling every gas station would go emptied their wallets, very sad.

A third engine Land Rover, Land Rover was won Tyrant brand, Land Rover, almost no one Is interested in a foreign country, I feel it Is like the farmer’s Car, but the Land Rover marketing into the US market very effective way, not only became a luxury Car brand, Is also worth Cengceng to rIse. But Land Rover’s engine Is not how, halfway flameout phenomenon often occurs, look for tow truck driver Is commonplace.

The fourth Is a general-purpose engine, which Is the largest jitter dIsease European hair, as well as its cooling system problems, when the reaction speed Is very slow, a little sense of power are not, in addition to these Issues, there Will be an engine oil leak problem.