It appears the car “four” kind of fault, be sure to select the 4S shop repair, auto repair shop do not fly!

After buying a Car, we regularly Will give a Car to do maintenance, but do maintenance to the Car when the repair can not be avoided, we should choose the Car 4s shop, or outside of the Auto repair shop when repair it ? In fact, when the Car appeared four faults, be sure to select 4s shop repair, Auto repair shop does not fly!

Automobile chassIs parts replacement

In the vehicle chassIs, parts are usually the rubber and cast iron , due to manufacturing these parts Is relatively simple, resulting there are many brands of products, many of these products are small workshops processing, although the original look of the parts does not make any difference, but the actual size and the size of the manufacturers have some deviations, if you encounter the poor quality of Auto parts, the material would have to fail, plus size also failed, often wandering or dementia phenomenon, even if you do a wheel alignment, long time or often there Is a problem, but you also need to repeatedly Auto repair shop to replace, but if you choose the Car 4s shop repair, then, are original parts, repair to avoid duplication of the phenomenon, so that the vehicle chassIs replacement parts, be sure to to the Car 4s shop to repair.


timing belt


Although only one engine belt belt, but it Is for the engine to say Is really a very important engine valve train completed by the belt to positive, although the official engine belt looks very much, but if he has a little deviation, then the engine Will be a loss of power, increased fuel consumption, if the deviation lot of words , direct scrapped the entire engine.

timing belt connecting multiple spur gears, the belt Is not a simple, fitted with an engine so simple, you Will need to formally transferred relatively gear the location of each timing mark gears are relative, our staff did not go to the store oil 4s shop staff rich service experience, once put something when there Is a deviation, engine performance Will decline, so that timing belt must be to the Car 4s shop to replace the engine.

an idle

of the engine unstableAbnormal jitter and stalling

When the engine Is idling instability, jittery, or when the flame, because the engine Is generally above the sensor fails, an air flow sensor failure, Will causing unstable idle driving weakness, throttle position sensor, an intake pressure sensor, knocking sensor, the abnormality of the engine failure may occur, the detection of these failures are often required to all professional, 4S stores detection equipment Will be more suited to their vehicle .

wheel alignment

wheel alignment has always been a very Careful technical activities, need to be slowly Carefully debugging, auxiliary equipment Will be used, wheel alignment has the advantage in the 4s shop, turning Kuang advantage Is the amount, we all should know, and thIs thing, a kind of a model, so the wheel alignment debug, difficult that thIs ore, s shop maintenance man because the number of debugging more, technology Is more skilled, but also manufacturers of after-sales support, better than some of the data outside of the Auto repair shop.