Inventory owners of parking chaos retaliation, BMW Is not pour paint Suansha, the last one called mIserable!

REVIEW: inventory owners of parking chaos retaliation, BMW Is not pour paint Suansha, the last one called mIserable!

Nowadays people constantly improve the economic level, more and more people can afford to buy a Car, the increase of private Cars also bring a lot of pressure on traffic. For the current Car ownership continues to increase the problem, the transport sector Is also a positive response, thIs Is also a lot of new traffic laws. But, the increase of Car parking spaces in many places become very tense, especially in developed urban areas, parking Is tight. Many owners forced, began indIscriminate parking. Although convenient parking can be chaotic himself, gave people cause a lot of trouble, for other owners think a lot of ways remediation of these people, though reluctantly, but very vent.

First, the first view, thIs Is a BMW luxury Car. Some years the rich upstart, the money Is to keep up, but the quality did not keep up, so feel superior because they drove a premium brand vehicle, to be the first to open a Car, parking it Is even more stop chaos, such as parking spaces They have accounted for two. While it Is true there are a lot of people did not dare to hate, broke not everyone can afford to lose. But some people refused to accept, you see the BMW someone not used to him, up Is poured directly into the colorful paint, which may have to be cleaned under spend a lot of effort.

Next, the watch. Usually turn other places Is no parking, even if you can not stop long possession. The owners kept elsewhere, have to put garbage to account for parking spaces. ThIs direct getting mad sweeping aunt. Direct sweeping aunt got around all the trash, surrounded by these vehicles, nor to stay in contact, want to open up their own to clean up the trash and let you next time Ganluan parking.

The third appearance of the vehicle Is a look literate paste up. Figure in the Car because the Car stopped at the position of persons with dIsabilities, seriously affecting road traffic using other people with dIsabilities. There are ruthless people really do not see the past, bought a large box of sticky, Car stickers full of a Car, but also specifically posted signs warning the owner of a dIsabled person. After the collapse of the owners must have seen it.

Finally, an owner would be domineering. Always on the parking chaos of imagination, the chiefs did not used to these people. Called a tank Car, it rolled to the spot, not Why, just to parking chaos learned from these people, so that they rose up memory. After the accident, the owner of which, presumably no longer afraid to stop the chaos.

In fact, life in the parking although tight, but can not because there Is no parking on the indIscriminate arrest, hindering others traveling. If the conditions allow it, in the big cities, in fact, cycling Is not a good choice, after all, environmentally friendly and save money.