Instrument dIsplay brake failure, Will shake the steering wheel, BMW owners are worried about traffic safety!

In general, when a problem with our Car appeared, or the meter Will show a fault code, either by Car exhibit malfunction. When that happens, the riders must be timely for professional repairman to troubleshoot the problem.

Some time ago, a BMW Car owners drove to the repair shop, the owner describes the failure phenomenon: the instrument dIsplay brake failure, the steering wheel Will shake. And the owner said there are a lot of abnormal noIse when the brakes, driving safety Is very worrying! Next, we simply look at the master of the repair process.

FIG under the BMW mileage has over 70,000 km. Master found that brake failure instrument dIsplay, showing brake pads problem. Because there Is a brake warning line BMW brake pads, brake wear when the alarm line, the meter Will dIsplay the replacement of brake pads fault tips.

Sure enough, when the master brake pads removed, they found the problem. The region shown in FIG green, the brake pad Is fixed on the brake warning line, it has a wear out, and alarm means lines brake pads need to be replaced.

occurs abnormal noIse problem for the owners of said brakes, primarily because the two front brakes results in severe wear, as shown by the arrows in FIG orange, brake dIsc wear Is very uneven. To solve thIs problem, the brakes for a job.

After the master aftermarket found problems, recommends owners to replace the front brake pads, brake dIscs and brake warning line. BMW owners did not consider how directly it agreed to replace. It Is shown below, which Is the brake cylinder, the master change brake piece, brake wheel cylinder pin checks if there are problems. The green arrow Is shown in the brake cylinder pins, rust if it occurs, Will lead to problems with brakes eccentric wear.

As shown in FIG lower, which Is the master for a good brakes, only a small screw fixed to the shaft head. Master said such brakes do not clean up, just spray a little cleaner on it. Meanwhile, brakes and brake master alarm line Is also installed quickly.

In the master for a good brakes, brake dIsc after brake warning line and, when the brakes have been no previous abnormal sound. Next, the master began to solve the problem owners said steering wheel shake. Shake the steering wheel appears, not in motion occurs, but it occurs at idle. First master checked the engine compartment, the engine itself Is not obvious shake, check the chassIs to the engine only to find that the damping of the machine feet there Is a problem!

FIG indicated by an arrow, the machine feet which Is the engine. ThIs Is a type of hydraulic machine feet, in addition to the role of supporting the engine, the engine itself can also be put to eliminate jitter, it Is now a problem, and the engine itself does not eliminate jitter, jitter transfer these results to the sub-frame and then spread to the machine direction, the steering wheel Will be slight jitter occurs. Probability

machine feet engines in question are relatively large, the engine failure Is slight jitter performance, it Is obviously feeling the Car, especially through the steering wheel Will the slight jitter performance, very easy to judge, the solution Is to replace the new machine feet! BMW owners after lIstening to introduce master, agreed to replace two machine feet. Demolition machine feet of the engine, only four screws need to be removed it, the arrow shown in FIG., Which Is the master machine removed to two feet. , ComparIson of old and new machine feet

FIG orange indicated by arrow of. Such master said engine Is a hydraulic type machine feet, the position of which Is indicated by arrow hydraulic oil, if the position of the leak, the machine feet must be changed. Herein, feet are not changing machine oil, but the deformation of the inner rubber serious foot of the machine, also need replacement.

FIG under the new master unit has been installed to the legs. Note that, when the master switch feet, the engine and gearbox need to support it, and then install and tighten the machine feet.

Finally, the test with the master and the owner, the instrument no longer fault code, brakes abnormal sound does not occur, the steering wheel Will not jitter! ThIs shows that the master has solved the fault of the BMW, riders can simply look at thIs process, hopingRiders help!