In thIs way the owner to buy auto insurance, save a lot of money, the result Is very painful lesson

our generation Is undoubtedly the most fortunate generation, high-speed train to catch up with national development, the rapid development of the national economy, our people’s life has become more prosperous, most homes have a private Car, pole great convenience to our daily travel needs.

convenience, How to ensure the safety of have become a topic we are most concerned about. In addition to their own lives and safety, but also to protect their own property. Then the “insurance” also indIspensable.

when we buy insurance, whether hearsay, casually buy? Do you feel confused and did not know what the situation of the project coverage? Following small with two real cases, it said the purchase of insurance in the end what we buy, what in the end the problem Note:

Case 1:

self-righteous, because they are cheap suffer a great deal

Mr. Liu business Is progressing well in recent years, three years ago to spend 50 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) to buy a BMW 5 Series, according to the latest market valuation also the value of 30 million. Following thIs insurance expires, according to the valuation want to buy $ 300,000 of insurance , but the insurance company did not comply with the grounds, so he did not agree to purchase.

But the Liu did not agree, regardless, be sure to press 300,000 yuan insurance. The salesman for business, according to Mr. Liu had the intention of underwriting, but to announce its consequences, Mr. Liu was bent.

Shortly after the insurance, Mr. Liu’s Car by accident total loss, the insurance company for compensation of 30 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) depreciation, the results pay 20 million less than . Mr. Liu innocence, and 500,000 to buy the Car, ran for three years, the average was run over ten thousand kilometers per year, only 200,000 pay less, than really being taken advantage of also being taken advantage of.

but it Is not. Vehicles sold since the start of the depreciation. Depreciation of the vehicle, the state Is defined, and since insurance Is commodity, underwriting and adjusters are prepared by the relevant departments in the countryCase, since it Is marketing, it certainly Is the result of the price department approved.

in the price range of the vehicle permitted, Is the normal vehicle depreciation claims, the super out of range, it Will be paid in proportion, and when the claim Is to be held at the time of purchase invoices .

In fact, the insurance company Is not going to force you to be insured in accordance with the total price. As we do not insure the Car in accordance with the total price Will be reduced in proportion to the respective claims when Carried out after the accident.

As described in thIs case, he has the right to choose Paul 50 million, and more may be selected to select a lower price. However, the insured amount we spent and the amount of compensation after a problem Is a certain percentage of .

us an analogy: If a road accident, the damage ten thousand. If your Car Is fully insured, the compensation obtained Will be the full amount of $ 10,000. But if you buy a percentage of the full amount of insurance Is not insurance, the compensation Will be obtained in accordance with your Car insurance price compensation.

that we in the end how to do it?

First, because they are not professionals, often more than hearsay, little knowledge of many. But everything has rules and laws of thIs matter, if blindly according to their intentions of running, maybe that society Will be hell broke loose.

So, when it comes to areas they do not know, it Is necessary to hear and see more of , but the key Is to be handed down in accordance with the legal rules in thIs matter, Anything beyond legal rules do things, ostensibly accounts for a certain amount of cheap, long-term perspective, Is not in their favor would be happening.

Second, there Is certainly good ideas and insights, but the rule of law Is not so good loophole, because these inherent law Is the result of countless demonstration times and the reality of teaching tone formation.

When the legal form of these laws, to overthrow, they must go through morePlus a complex argument and thIs argument to get public recognition, more important Is to get national identity.

thIs recognition that has the force of law. Since it Is a commodity on the need for such recognition, then, for consumers, On the one hand Is to strengthen the understanding of the commodity, on the other hand Is to be screened opinion Insurance professionals , to their advantage to comply, do not insIst.

Case 2:

“all rIsks” not equal to “lose it.”

Mr. Sun bought a Mercedes, after many inquiries asking, in order to protect their own property, Sun Is insured “all rIsks” for their Car . Three non-deductible and pay compulsory insurance Needless to say, body scratches insurance, glass breakage, Car damage, pilfer and so on are all buy, can be said to be all-round protection.

One day, Mr. Sun as usual from work and parked on the roadside parking spaces, with the Car the next day and found that the Car left the window Is the main driving people crack, and Pirates I left something in the vehicle. Driving the main door and the left fender, while also completely smashed mirror.

thought insured for “all rIsks” insurance policies can get all future compensation, but it Is not. Door window can be normal in accordance with a separate glass insurance and body scratches insurance payment, but the rear-view mirror can only be compensated in accordance with parked damaged, so Mr. Sun still lose 30% of the total value of the rearview mirror.

In thIs regard, Mr. Sun did not understand, said he insured all rIsks, Why not at full insurance to pay, but also to themselves , address him as early as know so, when might as well not buy insurance, buy a full insurance also bear the costs of their own, really suffer fools. In fact, “all rIsks” does not exIst in the legal and insurance jargon .

a lot of people are used to these commercial lines loosely grouped into “all rIsks” were to go, but in fact even if you protect the so-called “all rIsks”, also It can not be paid to the extent of a total loss of all.

genuine vehicle insurance “all rIsks”

including: loss of vehicle insurance, third party liability insurance, Car insurance personnel seats, whole Car pilfer, glass breakage alone, self-damage insurance, wading damage insurance, insurance damage alone and body painting, parts, rIsks ancillary equipment Is stolen, mental solatium liability, new equipment damage insurance,

Car Cargo liability insurance, liability items onboard, alone wheel damage insurance, insurance expansion loss special vehicles, vehicles stationary machinery equipment damage insurance, insurance liability tariff exemption vehicle, road pollution liability insurance,

as well as related: Is not deductible, holiday travel zone extended warranties legal services, use of seat belts warranties, multiple accidents franchIse warranties, replacement of a new Car warranties accident incidental expenses warranties compensation expense during the repair warranties, specified specializing in factory warranties, replacement parts warranties, warranties and other costs of the rescue.

To these preservation, probably about 10% of the purchase price. ThIs cost Is much higher than the United States Is now the owner of the insurance bear the psychological bottom line. So, now generally normal Is strong insurance, Car damage, three responsible personnel, and the corresponding glass without insurance deductible .

The whole point Is strong insurance, three insurance business, non-deductible insurance, insurance body scratches, glass breakage alone, damage insurance, pilfer, and rIsk of spontaneous combustion plant designated Major warranties – but do not put the above types of insurance as “all rIsks.”

How do we choose?

First, before we buy commercial insurance, must first clarify the claims mechanIsms need to purchase liability insurance under the terms of detail and . Even if the purchase so-called “all rIsks” to the real needs to be applied, it may not be able to get full compensation.

So when we choose to buy insurance with the insurance needs should be fully aware of their own rIsk after purchase, selected according to the actual situationNeed rIsk protection. Only the idea in mind, in order to avoid these mIstakes and wrong understanding generated resentment.

Second, when buying insurance, owners have the right to make personnel engaged in the interpretation of the corresponding rules of the insurance insurance coverage and insurance claims guidelines and precautions , because there are insurance practitioners to truthfully inform the owners of the relevant insurance coverage obligations and responsibilities. Owners in the economic circumstances permit, do not have petty psychological, otherwIse it Will be dIsastrous.

Insurance for our driver friend, and with it virtually equal to our property adds a thick layer of armor, a great protection of our daily Car property. Here, when we buy insurance, whether on their own what to buy insurance, what should be the next to buy insurance, have a more profound understanding of it?