I do not know you Will not use the correct car air conditioning

Air conditioning Open: hot weather, sat in my Car like steamed “bread” like, you want the fastest Car thIs time, but learned of cooling, ventilation before the first Car, first Turn the ignition switch to four glass down in the end to allow air circulation up, the air inside the Car than outside air heat much, can reach 60-70 degrees Celsius, the air inside the vehicle Will gush out of the vehicle and then start the vehicle, do not hurry to start air conditioning, let the engine idle, just start the vehicle do not give excessive load, or would have fatal injury engine idling one minute, then turn on the air conditioner switch, open to the outer loop, the air volume to maximum, minimum temperature adjusted , etc. after adjusting the temperature down again into the circulation, and then the four glass ascend last lookout amounts, temperature, adjusted to the appropriate location, a sunroof started in to a sunroof open, primary hot air rIses we have learned of.

the air conditioner switch
outer loop
within the loop
air volume adjustment

factors affecting the air conditioning cool degrees: we can check your own air-conditioning Is not in need of repair, and open the front cover, Will be in our left hand side see two different thickness of silver pipe, pressure pipe thick pipe of the air conditioning, the air conditioning narrow tube high-pressure pipe, a relatively thick hand to touch the tube in the case of the air-conditioned, and if you feel cold water droplets, air conditioning as Is no problem, good cooling effect, otherwIse you Will need to check the air conditioning system, do not touch the thin tube to avoid burns.

High pressure pipe conditioned

The main check several aspects:

1. air conditioning systems freon enough, thIs usually need to go to a professional repair shop to detect, be sure to check Why the pressure Is not enough, place whether tainted fluoride, and therefore do not waste money, not enough pressure Will result in cool air conditioning Is not good enough, other tests If pressure Is normal, no problem, the proposed general 3.4 years need to be replaced once a freon.

2. The air filter Is not dirty, resulting in insufficient ventilation affect the cooling, filter by definition IsFunctional filtration, a long time outside dust Will adhere to the filter surface, vent blockage caused by inadequate ventilation Will feel cool enough, and when the filter Is too dirty open air Will smell a soil fIshy smell . Air filter over time can produce things like mold, the air filter Is generally one year replaced every 20,000 km, the proposed replacement of good quality filter, which Is responsible for our own health and your family!

air filter

3. Maintenance of the evaporation tank, particularly when relatively high our air temperature adjustment or the natural wind, Will Will not smell the smell dIsgusting, the smell of mold inside the box Is sent by evaporation, to mold our body Is very harmful, we have air conditioning wind blowing the air we breathe Will be mixed with mold, then someone asked, mold Is how did it get here? Then I’ll tell you, we all know that air conditioning at home Will be open cooling water dIscharge pipes, our Car, too, that you park your Car air conditioning, Will be on the ground there Will be a pool of water, and the water Is in where the evaporation tank Is dIscharged. When we turn off the air conditioning turned off the water dIscharge Is not complete, surface evaporation tank Is also very wet, and it Is thIs humid environment Is conducive to mold, bacteria. Over time there Will be an irritating odor!

and someone Will ask how can we avoid? Avoidance Is unavoidable, but we can reduce the breeding of fungi, tell you a secret, most people I do not tell him that we arrive two minutes before the destination, the air conditioning switch off, switch moderate amount of wind, changed the outer loop, the fan and the outside air by means of the evaporation tank dry, damaged fungi living environment, pungent odor Is not generated so fast so serious

4. to clean air conduit our online to buy their own cleaning agents, cleaning agents and then hose plugged into the nozzle, remove the air filter, air filter hose mounting position Is aligned with the position of the evaporation tank. The cleaning fluid sprayed into the evaporation tank, to open the Car air conditioner, hit the outer loop, the air volume to the maximum. The use of wind pass cleaning fluid from the evaporation tank to the outlet conduit, which remove dust and mold. It may be specialized to store washing using steam washing equipment to clean the entire air conditioning pipes.

5. Cooling EffectThere Is also a more important, we also tend to be overlooked, and that Is cleanliness condenser, condenser direct impact on our air-conditioning cooling effect, our radiator condenser Is air-conditioning systems, radiators think you are blocked , the heat Is not good, so the cooling effect Is also not good, we must protect the condenser Is best when we buy a new Car, to prevent unnecessary losses later, the condenser Is the engine behind radiators, condensers clogged a direct impact on the flow of air, causing the engine heat Is not good, it Will severely damage the engine!

dirty condenser
clean the condenser

Tips: In our big sweat dripping, do not we align the outlet, have the dIsease and prevent colds.