I-beam front axle fault automobile repair methods

(1) Car front axle and the deformation of the crack repair. When the Car front axle bending or dIstortion, thermal correction method can be employed. Automobile parts soon after the front axle localized heating to 500-600 ° C, corrected manually. It may also use Auto front axle hydraulic pressure correction unit corrects. ThIs correction can be corrected and the test machine on the same station. Both to ensure the quality of correction, and improve production efficiency.

Breakage of the front axle Car repair welding in principle, so as not to affect driving safety. But micro-cracks can unstressed welding site. Found between the two leaf spring seat, the depth of the crack depth Is no greater than 1/4 of the cross section may be V-shaped cracks at the groove opening, welding using direct current. In order to prevent welding when the temperature Is too high, using dIscontinuous welding, the weld should not be higher than the substrate. The crack depth exceeds 1/4, after welding as described above, together with a soldering iron to be strengthened reinforcement.

sense and forged axle front axle

(2) fixes the front axle pin hole Car. Kingpin bore beams wear the pin fitting hole and the gap Is greater than the main 0.10mm, size method can be used to repair or casement repair method. Main face wear pin hole, when the face wear Is greater than 2mm, a flat file may be by hand, if more than 2mm, well polIshed end face of the first welding in the original basIs, and then smoothing machining methods, thIs time can be less wear on the end face as a positioning reference. Kingpin locking pin bore wear, the lock pin into the lock pin hole, tighten the nuts, if the shoulder Is not less than the thread root punches shaped plane 2mm, welding can both drill a tapered hole, or a locking pin with enlarged . In use, whether kingpin bore wear, abrasion or the kingpin, with the gap exceeds 0.10mm, can be repaired using the repair method size method or the casement. When

Car front axle kingpin hole worn through 0.1mm Not exceed the maximum size of a repair, the kingpin aperture may be enlarged, for increasing the size of the kingpin. Automotive repair kingpin bore size front axle repair method, in addition to the choice of the corresponding pin to increase the size of the main, but also by the peer repair dimensioned kingpin bushing, and the appropriate choice of the thrust bearing. When boring cut kingpin bore, an upper end of the kingpin may be selected plane or plane as the leaf spring seat positioning reference. An upper end of the kingpin plane during use, notA bearing surface, little wear, as a reference to it, ensures the vertical centerline of the hole and the plane.

In the spring seat when the working reference plane, ensures positional accuracy between the main pin and the hole center line plane of the spring seat plate. When the kingpin bore wear amount of Cars before the bridge over the size of the last stage of repair, you can use casement repair. Casement thickness Is 3mm, interference with the hole should be set at 0.06? 0.16. When the small amount of wear of the end face of the main Car front axle pin bore down, flat file be manually repaired. When such wear amount exceeds, welding must be performed, then the required size trimming. (3) Maintenance of foreign Car front axle spring seat plate. Before checking the wear amount of the leaf spring seat, should be filed with a file burrs flat leaf spring seat plane to ensure accuracy. The steel ruler in different orientations of the leaf spring seat, with a flatness error measuring feeler seat plane. If the error Is too large to be planar flattening. When the thickness Is reduced than the standard thickness, the available welding repair. Flatness Error leaf spring seat after requesting repair Is not greater than 0.25mm, flatness error can not exceed two 0.8mm. (4) adjusting the front axle assembly and the Car. The thrust ball bearing in the knuckle lower ear plane, thrust ball bearings and opening downwardly to prevent the invasion of the soil, and then loaded with the punch of the front cross member. The front axle fIst end face portion of the knuckle clearance adjusting shim used to adjust the assembly space no larger than 0.12mm. Kingpin assembly, the kingpin surface should be coated with grease, with a soft hammer gently knock human knuckle and kingpin front cross hole, with the main wedge lock pin fixing pin.