How to solve the problem of vehicle maintenance shop operator difficult

With the Car repair market continues to grow, many Car repair shop appeared a very troublesome problem, more and more Cars on the road, but the daily amount into the store less and less turnover gradually decline, eventually leading stores at rIsk, in less than going to the edge, even if the store owner Is very hard, but can not always find out the reason, let alone remedy. Today, we talk about those problems run. First, the lack of marketing channels with the traditional Car repair shop, they do mostly business customers within their own stores in the surrounding three to five km range . But through traditional marketing methods, Is often no way to do such a long dIstance customer’s business, even if there are only a very few, and they are low consumption frequencies. Therefore, such a short dIstance of the source, can not meet customer resources required for a store. they lack just one was to know the customer marketing channels, and public transit product off mode can help you get through thIs channel, by new and old customers to drive new customers to the store consumption, so that you truly do three to within five kilometers of the customer’s business, but also do not spend a lot of manpower and resources to publicize, send leaflets, etc., make a good product off coupons directly in the product off the background and then allow customers to shop by employees of the scan code, and then by the customer to share with their friends around them, in order to drive new customers, increase customer base, increase turnover.

Second, the service homogeneity, the traditional model Is too the number of the current surge in Car repair shop, the more the number of stores, stores services and homogenization of the more serious projects, each store to do almost the same project, leading to not have their own store brand characterIstics, customers can not remember your store profound, gradual loss of the customer’s curiosity and interest. So, you can aids to increase the characterIstics of your store to promote their own brand. Public transit passenger volume model can do the same. The plot Is all the way off mode original software, which the material library up to tens of thousands, every activity Is experienced after landing team and planning team jointly planned out, after a large number of test data.

Third, the difference between the store and the owner vIscosity we very often say that the 21st century Is the fastest growing in human hIstory, an era, each decade of progress in ancient times Is equivalent to a dynasty replaced. Because of thIs, people’s lifestyles have more choices, plus the popularity of transparency of prices and services of the Internet, many customers may choose more affordable and better products, better selection of stores to spend online, and even some customers Will try every store, thIs phenomenon leads to a lot of stores with customer stickiness Is getting worse, head back to the customer may be a lot, but repeat customers are few. Faced with thIs situation, we want to retain customers, retain performance, you need to store more effort in terms of interaction with the user, you’ll probably have no idea, but the product off mode can also help you . Product off the background mode can help customers to store deep step Is to understand and then to retain customers through a number of concessions, so head back off to become repeat customers.

Fourth, the difficult employee management Now the employees, a large part of young people after 90, just returned from the face of these Social kids out, you Will find that they are thinking of jumping, difficult to control, because they do not take you as a real boss of bosses, not even a lot of time you fry employees, but employees fry boss. Although many owners to customize a lot of management systems in their employees, but eventually you Will find that thIs Is still no way to really let employees work for you, because he thought he was at work for you, not for themselves do things, do not positive. Similarly, profit sharing module which contains the product off mode can also help you solve thIs problem, by two-dimensional code scanning, so that employees with customer relations binding, as long as the employee Is under the name of the customer, Finally, no matter who received the dividend are the employees, customers and friends if thIs consumption, the dividend Is the staff. and the dividend Is immediately credited into account, employees receive customers Will have finIshed dividends, they Will certainly be very positive, very hard, even without preaching to manage your boss, they Will take the initiative to help you attract a lot of customers.