How to replace the ignition coil, ignition coil prices

As an ignition coil of the engine ignition system, the core components, which Is mainly responsible for the intermittent high voltage into the low voltage of the vehicle effects. Once the high voltage ignition coil without conversion, then the combustible gas mixture within the cylinder Will not be effective breakdown ignited, whereby the engine Will not be made to work.

due to the replacement ignition coil does not need to support a wealth of theoretical knowledge Cars, while replacement method Is also very simple to use tool Is not special, so for the strong hands of a friend They could have their own replacement.

Replace the ignition coil on the

due to the replacement of the ignition coil does not require extensive Automotive theoretical base support, while replacement method Is also very simple to use tool Is not special, so for the strong hands of hIs own friends can be replaced.

In particular replacement methods:

a, open the engine cover, and remove the hood, then we can see the ignition coil for each cylinder bare.

Second, the First, FIG yellow slowly lifting the latch out (right), attention not to cut off the plug mention; black and then pressed downward movable snap handle, while outward (right) slowly pull the plug. Since the plugs per cylinder corresponding to the cylinder-one correspondence, so do not be confused.

(3) using the corresponding tool socket set screw remove each cylinder ignition coil and the ignition coil removed.

IV The new ignition coil of the ignition coil Replacing eleven wells, while putting it back, we must ensure stability in combination with the spark plug terminal.

V, using a fixing bolt fixed firmly to the ignition coil, plug and ignition coil corresponding to each cylinder plug, the plug Will be pushed inwardly into the socket locking position .

VI Test Ignition startCoil Is working properly, if everything Is normal, the engine hood to replace the complete replacement of the ignition coil.

ignition coils how much money a?

100-300 a.

In fact, the ignition coil price Is not expensive, according to the vehicle as well as a premium brand ignition coil itself the product of a different intensity, the price Is generally around $ 100-300.