How to repair electric vehicle batteries have been starved to death? Electric vehicle maintenance master craftsman something to say!

In daily life, due to business or pleasure, long time without electric vehicles, electric vehicle battery lead to the emergence of starvation. So, thIs Is the case, how to fix it? Maintenance master craftsman give you answers!

we first look at the cell working principle, which Is a chemical energy into electrical energy. When the lead-acid battery Is insufficiently charged, Yin and Yang lead sulfate plate can not be completely converted into lead oxide and spongy lead, if the long-term charging, lead sulfate crystals Will result in the plate curing, the battery quality deteriorates. Plate sulfate then select occur if the battery charge, then the amount of oxygen generated at the anode in the adsorption capacity of the cathode, such that the pressure increases within the battery, causing gas to leak out, reducing the electrolyte, the active substance may lead to softening or loss, battery life Is greatly shortened.

for the case batteries appear to starve to death, we can look at three cases.

1, light curing: a balanced charge

may be a general battery activation charge (that Is, equalizing charge), generally last one to two days, you can return to normal.

2, vulcanization heavier: cure “charge-dIscharge

needs to be” cure “the charge and dIscharge, to return to normal. the specific method Is: Add water to make the battery or to a density of 1.05g / cm3 dilute sulfuric acid solution rich state, then the charging current 0.05-0.018C2A 20 hours, the flow of fluid exhausted, and then repeats the above for the capacity test. operation, until the battery capacity recovery

3, severe curing: use repair device

If the battery sulfide Is severe, then the ordinary repair methods have been ineffective, can be used to repair high impedance instrument repair to increase the voltage to 10V or more, and then charged, there Is a certain probability that the battery can be reactivated.

Finally, teach you a simple and easy way, that Is the first low-pressure chargeElectric charging for electric vehicles, charging then the original charger, there Is a certain probability that activate the battery.