How to properly use the car inside and outside the loop? No air conditioning remember to open!

Car air conditioning inner and outer loop, but in the end when to use the outer loop, the inner loop to use when? For inner loop and an outer loop, some drivers are not clear of friends. In fact, summed up very simply, the air quality Is better when using an external circulation, poor air quality when using the inner loop, usually without the use of air conditioning air conditioning should also be adjusted to the outer loop.

Is actually a vehicle air conditioning cycle Car air intake, and then blown out from the air outlet, if the driving time Is long, it Will resulting in Car air quality, which allows the driver to fatigue, but also the breeding of various bacteria. Sucked the air out of the outer loop inhalation Car interior, the air inside the vehicle Will be replaced.

If a long drive, such as a high-speed running, then the outer loop should be opened, and to ensure the fresh air into the Car, the Car can be reduced Carbon dioxide content, the driver would not be so easy to feel fatigue. Highway and the air Is relatively good, so the use of the outer loop Is no problem. If the pollution Is relatively large sections of the region, then it should be opened within a cycle of the vehicle, because the air spaces Will be more turbid.

air conditioning Is generally in hotter or colder weather, thIs time an estimated few people Will Care whether the vehicle Is within the loop or outside the loop. In fact, if the air Is better, it should also be open to the air conditioning of the vehicle outside the circle, then between air conditioning ducts and the outside of the vehicle Is connected. Although air conditioning Is not turned on, but the vehicle Is in motion the process speed Is too fast, then the natural wind Will follow into the Car, then the Car Is still fresh in the air, it Will not increase energy consumption. But the need to remind everyone that the air conditioning Will not hit the location of warm air, so the wind Will be blowing out hot air, and the air conditioning should hit the cold position, so the wind Is blowing in the wind naturally.

outer loop – supply of fresh air, the circulation – dirty gas barrier.

With the outer loop may be fresh air outside the vehicle. High-speed openCar, a long time I felt the Car air pollution, people uncomfortable, they can not open the window, you should use the outer loop RBI breeze coming in; winter fan heater feels too hot, you can turn off the fan, open the outer loop, while maintaining the Car the temperature, but also fresh air, feel more comfortable.

However, if the air conditioning Is to reduce the temperature inside the vehicle, do not at thIs time away cycle. Time interval can be open about the outer loop segment, replacement of fresh air. It was in the summer air-conditioning cooling effect Is not good old complained, in fact, Is accidentally set became a state outside the loop, the hot air outside the Car steady stream flowing into the Car, of course, the temperature does not drop down. So you want good cooling effect it must be set within the loop state; if the temperature Is not too hot, adjust the air conditioning play a little bit, it can be opened to the outer loop, so both air-conditioning, but also the wind, people are more comfortable.

1, people in a short time after entering the Car, you should open the windows or turn on the outer loop ventilation facilities, the introduction of fresh air, not in a closed Car under the window, door status, time travel, but can not sleep or rest for a long time in a closed Car. 2, after buying a new Car, as it should be, to keep the Car inside and outside air exchange as much as possible like the newly renovated housing, in order to make the Car as soon as possible volatile harmful gases released clean. 3, when the open air and warm air, air inside and outside the Car using the AC mode, to avoid prolonged use of the vehicle from the circulation mode. 4, in the face of serious traffic jam location, should the air conditioner, Car heater switch Is temporarily transferred from the circulation mode, windowing vehicles should be temporarily close the windows. Vehicle to get in the habit, according to the exterior air conditions, timely adjustment of Car air-conditioning circulatory system. 5, within the first six months of the new Car must be strengthened ventilation, regular cleaning Car air conditioning, try to keep the Car fresh air, in particular, be Careful not to mask the smell abnormalities Car perfume or air freshener.