How to make the customer’s maintenance have chosen in the 4s shop?

Recently, small Code received such a problem, how to improve service satIsfaction 4s shop? That Is, how to allow customers to choose to Carry out maintenance in the shop 4s, 4s customer loyalty improvement store. Just beginning to see the problem when small series are also confused, but think about it, if we think about the customer’s point of view, the problem becomes very simple.

first of all, attitude. As a customer service attitude first impression 4s shop, which Is very important. Many 4s shop selling Cars before the service attitude Is very good, but after selling Cars directly to the service attitude of a 180 ° turn, become indifferent. Do not think that thIs phenomenon, the fact Is that thIs phenomenon Is a lot. So, we want customers to be satIsfied 4s shop, want to improve 4s shop service, after the service attitude of selling Cars Is very important.

Next, to solve the problem of speed. Small series have encountered such a problem, 4s shop back in hIs Car after problems were resolved, from going into the store to the reception given to the program, small waited for three hours. Moreover, in the subsequent repair process, it takes a very long time, how to make customer satIsfaction? Therefore, the speed problem solving, 4s shop Is a need to focus on.

Finally, there Is the level of maintenance team. On the customer’s Car 4s shop for maintenance, Is the level of confidence in the 4s shop, and if thIs time 4s shop maintenance level Is still not satIsfactory, and it Is difficult to ensure that the next time the customer Will choose your shop a.

In fact, there Is an association between customers and merchants.4s shop want to improve after-sales service, we Will start on the client, practical to solve customer problems, such services can not high level of satIsfaction with it?

(Operations art: He Shuguang)