How to maintain the car air-conditioning in summer?

and also to the hot summer, we should be grateful to WillIs Carrier, for their great contribution to the air conditioning industry, was hailed as the “father of air conditioning.” Posterity. In the hot summer months, air-conditioned Car drivers became friends, you could save your life characters, hot weather, imagine no air conditioning, the temperature inside the Car plus driver fatigue caused by driving it Is simply dangerous. It Is because of Car air conditioners, which gave the majority of drivers with a comfortable driving environment, like a lot of people got on the open air, but you know thIs Is a lot of damage to the air conditioning, then the summer Will be as maintenance Automotive air conditioning it?

First of all we must remember to turn off after stopping air conditioning. Summer Car Will often open air, so be sure to pick after stopping to turn off the air conditioning to avoid Automatic air conditioning Is turned on in the next instant ignition, increase the burden on the engine.

clean air filter, air-conditioning usage Is highest in summer season, if from time to time to clean up the air conditioning system, it Is easy to breed some bacteria or debrIs, not only unpleasant odor, but also be harmful.

air conditioning on time do not too long. Because the Car for a long time Will make the use of air conditioning condenser pressure, which Will cause some degree of loss of refrigeration system, because small interior space, prolonged use of cold air Is also detrimental to the human body, it Is recommended that everyone inside the Car when the temperature Is stable after a timely manner can turn off air conditioning.

When the low-speed driving, close the air as far as possible, not to improve the effectiveness of the air conditioning at a higher speed operation of the engine, could shorten the life of the engine and air conditioning compressors.

are used interchangeably and external circulation, parked in the sun for long-term vehicle, preferably to create a ventilation, open the door, high temperature dIscharged to the Car body, and an outer loop open, to the hot air are dIscharged, after the temperature inside other drops, and then into the circulation mode, thIs cooling effect Will be better, however, the cycle on a long time Will not fresh air inside the vehicle, it should be used alternately inner, outer loop mode.

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