How to maintain proper car paint? Is not difficult, novices learn!

Many faithful Car Car paint concerns, after all thIs Is related to the owner’s face. Timely and accurate Car maintenance, long-term use of the Car. So, what Is the right way to paint the vehicle maintenance Is it?

1, washing

Many vehicle owners washing daily, the vehicle wiper spotless. However, if the frequent washing, then paint the Car Will be aging, serious Car paint Will crack, and that price Is still very large. At the same time, owners should try not washing at high temperatures, so as not to leave traces of detergent and dried. Usually their own washing with neutral detergent special running water. Do not use large alkaline detergent, soap, grease to prevent the paint in the paint wash to accelerate aging.

2, waxing

wax, coating, and sealing glaze Is maintenance Car paint method, but some say the new Car paint face itself with a protective film, the next time you get the opposite effect waxing, Car major attention to thIs. General new Car, do not need to be waxed paint and other maintenance within just purchased three months.

3, scratch

When rubbed Car accident, pay attention to check. If the scratch Is not obvious, in order to prevent inappropriate or bad combination paint color, it Is recommended not to proceed with the second painting.

4, rain washing

After the driving rain, Car washing immediately. Now most of the city rain Is acid rain, need to know that the Car paint corrosive acid rain on very large. And now a lot of rain, can develop after the rain washing, waxing habits, under normal circumstances, 3 to 5 days to wash a Car Is reasonable.