How to identify car accident, flooded cars to avoid stepping pit it?

With the continuous expansion of the secondary market, an increasing number of second-hand goods into the market, which accounted for some of the component Is used Car. The used Car market was mixed, which Is mixed a lot of flooded Cars and Car accidents to sell, however, flooded Cars and Car accident rIsk factor Is very large. How to identify Car accident, flooded Cars to avoid stepping pit it?

back door fixing screws are unscrewed the scene, thIs Car rear door also been detached. Determine whether the door Is dIsassembled everyone can see the screw. Some black heart used Car Chamber of Commerce sponge pad sleeve to dIsassemble, but as long as moving too close look Will be able to see it. Here take a look at the engine compartment.

the engine compartment: the front part Is where the most damage Will be the impact of an accident, but most of our family Cars and engines are in, so check the front of the engine compartment of the Car Is very critical, and several Precautions should be of particular concern.

First of all, we open the engine hatch to look at the structure of the screw connection there Is no slight dIsplacement, usually only when relatively severe impact occurs, these screws Will appear dIsplacement situation, of course, they are also likely to be replaced, but it Is to observe whether there are differences in paint and spray shape.

As for the insurance records of queries, there Is light chassIs number may not find out, of course, if you have a friend inside the insurance company, in fact, get thIs, whatever the insurance company can, dangerous condition of the insurance company’s records are shared of. If no such internal friends, you Will need the ID number and the name of the insured, the average person might not want to sell Cars, then we can putAfter a push link. You can look at the condition, insurance records and the former single-Car dealers who negotiate the latter requires insurance records found, if the dangerous condition of the recording normal on the next one, if not properly say goodbye, in which case people are selling Cars Will fit if not fit, it may be tricky, but also do not have to consider the matter.