How to identify accident used car? The ultimate way to identify three car accident!

As the depth of the used Car market, many people are afraid to start a used Car. Although many articles before you to tell you how to identify the Car accident, but consumers are not professional people, while a lot of Cars are handled through the Car, so it Is difficult to find. So today we give a few Car accidents ultimate recognition of the way, we want to help.

Step 1: Check appearance of the body

Any of the door panel or rear bumpers and other body panels after impact, Is bound to be repaired by means of sheet metal, and therefore, we can circle around the Car to get a lot of information, we must first see if there Is a color difference between body panels, such as single door color and other body where the colors are significantly different, at least to determine whether the door Is restored, the same token, other parts as well, especially some high street stores sheet metal painting models, lack of skills, color Is very easy to find.

In addition to color, from the side of the backlight can easily see if the paint surface rough through local sheet metal paint, paint colors and gloss Will also appear significant difference. Further, the cover body Is uniform gap, presence or absence of left-right asymmetry, etc., by looking around checking the first step, the first step Is to exclude the Car accident.

Step: Check the date information Is important

appearance of the body can easily find a date information, one four and front and rear windows of the production date, and second tire production date, generally speaking, the big Car accident four windows and front and rear windshield replacement Will certainly appear, therefore , corner windows of the date of production consIstency checking, found an important step in the Car accident, if you find a single window postpone the date, be sure to ask Why. View window production date and other information Is also very simple, for example the following figures:

where 1 Is the Car brand; 2 that the United States forced 3C certification; 3 represents a brand glass; 4 represents glass manufacturers coding, substituting FIG E000137The table Is Fuyao Group Changchun Co., Ltd; 5 represents the EU logo certification; 6 expressed by the US Department of Transportation DOT certification; 7 indicates the type of glass, LAMINATED mean laminated glass, if it Is TEMPERED on behalf of tempered glass; 8 represents the date of manufacture of the glass, 8 represent the year, indicate that in 2008 production, .. represents the month, before the number means the point in the first half, the second half after that, a few points on behalf of forward months or backward, with the front to “7 subtracts points”, after using the “minus the 13 points.” Figure ..8 correct means of production in May 2008.

how, Is not very simple?

the probability of an accident due to the large tire replacement, if a show Is only 30,000 kilometers of prospective new Car, but after a number of tire replacement, then we must be alert to possible Car accident. Check the tires and the date Is also very simple, still figure as an example the following:

to find out information on the note icon in the tire wall before the two-digit information indicates the number of weeks, the last two digits indicate the year of production, so 0317 should be interpreted as the first three weeks of production in 2019, the same token, if it Is 1218, 2019 should be read as the first 12 weeks of production.

Step 3: Check whether there are few important twIst or screw dIsplacement traces

first, the hood to check the screws, in general, normal fault repair Is not possible to screw the hood needs to twIst, except by the replacement or dIsplacement occurred after the impact, the normal factory Car, hood screws are painted, that Is, if the paint Is damaged or there are obvious signs of dIsplacement, we need to raIse the alarm.

The second Is the water tank frame screws, all the accidents, the probability of rear-end accidents Is very high, and once rear-end, tank or tank frame replacement Is a high probability event Therefore, from the tank frame screws can clearly check whether the chase afterTail, while the tank connection of the frame are two, one Is directly connected to the pad, the second Is connected to the screw, if the screw connection and no traces of twIst, it Is almost certainly not be the case of rear-end collIsion and the like, the inspection may be Incidentally, look headlight assembly screws, whether original, whether the dIsplacement, if business as usual, then the probability of an accident Is relatively small.

In addition, as the base engine screws, overhead screws, the screws of the door, trunk lid screws inspection methods are also similar, such as screws, if not an accident maintenance, rarely needs to be replaced twIst, so as long as there are traces of screws, it Is bound to have been a few cover maintenance treatment, to note here especially base screws need to tighten the screws of the reasons for moving base, nothing less in the following, 1, engine support beam incident in need of repair; 2, repair or overhaul an engine problem; 3, to replace the machine paw pads, in addition to the third reason, the other two for second-hand Cars, it Is regarded as a very serious problem , be Careful inspection.

By the above three steps of checking, if usual, the condition which can be judged good, white for the inexperienced, without the aid of instrument next, can only do so much, of course, more complicated steps if by the squeegee blade, up chassIs, check claims and other, you can further avoid the rIsk of Car accidents, able to do so, must go try to buy second-hand the rIsk of Car accidents, to a minimum.